How To Become A Bitizen In Bitlife

Bitizen is the name for players with premium membership in Bitlife. However, the developers and social account managers use it to address everyone who plays the game. You may come across this name on their official social media, play store or app store. In the game, there is a button at the top right corner of your screen.

If you are not a premium member, you can become a bitizen by selecting that button.

To become a bitizen, all you need to do is to purchase Bitizenship. It is a premium package which includes additional features of the game. You will come across these features, but you won’t have access to it unless you buy Bitizenship with real money. There are also other premium packages, and purchasing all will give you full access to the game. They will enable you to:

  • Give your character full customisation and edit characters while playing.
  • Take the law into your hands and hire contract killers to murder people.
  • Become an athlete, actor, musician, politician, crime boss, or street hustler.
  • Go to the salon to change your beards, hairstyle and colour.
  • Choose your royal title and rule as a tyrant or a character worthy of emulation, etc.

The possibilities are endless with this game. This guide will go in-depth on how to become a bitizen and the perks that come with it.


Like how you become a citizen of a country by getting citizenship, you can become a bitizen once you buy bitizenship.

In 2018, it cost $2 to become a bitizen. There have been price changes over the years. Currently, it is about $8. This price may vary with your device type, app version, region, etc. The features of this in-app purchase are;

  • No ads: it is one of the best aspects of this package. You can enjoy the game without viewing an advert every 60 seconds. You can post on social media, see movies at the theatre, practice instruments/martial arts, take voice lessons, and gift people without watching an advertisement.
  • Hire a contract killer: you can pay someone to commit a murder. The advantage of this method is that your victim cannot attack or kill you. However, the contract killer can run off with your money, be an undercover cop, or demand more money.

  • Join a prison gang: when you get sent to a medium or maximum prison, you can join a prison gang to protect you and increase your respect.
  • No sharing required: you don’t need to share bitlife with people to use social media.
  • Access to the pet store, exotic animals, horses, and cat & dog breeders: you can purchase lions, tigers, snakes, birds, and hamsters from the pet store.

  • More generations: without bitizenship, you can only play through two generations. When you become a bitizen, you can accumulate wealth through numerous generations.
  • Dark mode: you may customise how your game looks. If you prefer dark mode, you can change your settings.
  • Teacher and boss interactions: you can interact with your teachers, headmaster, and supervisors.
  • Visit the optometrist: when you fail your eye test, you will get a pop-up to choose your glasses. This option is also in the doctor’s tab.

  • Change your appearance in the salon: you can change your hairstyle, dye its colour, and shave your facial hair.