How To Become a Billionaire in Bitlife

In Bitlife – life simulator, you can accumulate millions, billions, trillions, or even more. When you achieve $1b in assets, you will unlock the bitionaire achievement. To become a billionaire, you must get a high-paying job. Several jobs in Bitlife can help you become a billionaire, especially those that give fame, such as a movie star, pop star, professional athlete, model, etc. This achievement can take years and generations to complete based on your income and investments.

Starting Life As A Royal

The easiest way to become a billionaire is to start life as a royal. Different countries have a monarch system in Bitlife, but the best country to live in is Monaco. There is no tax in Monaco, and the pay here is high.

To be born a royal, you must choose a country with a monarch system. There are different royal titles in each country. In Monaco, the highest status you can occupy is the prince or princess, but you can only select marchioness or countess when customizing your character. The higher the title, the better your pay. If you have god mode, you can choose your title, or you might have to keep randomizing new lives till you get one with the title you want.

When you start a new life, you will have money in your bank balance. You will get paid a salary each year when you age. In Monaco, you can accumulate $100m before 18 years. As a child, you can view the finance tab or go shopping. Once you age up to 18 years, start purchasing expensive properties. Investing in houses is a promising way to build your net worth. It is advisable not to squander your money on vehicles as they depreciate over time. You can earn millions on a property when you sell it after some years.

You can also hasten this process by getting your inheritance money.

You may wait for your parents to die naturally or murder them. With bitizenship, you can hire a contract killer to do the job. If you don’t have this premium package, you can use the murder option. After killing your parents, you will get your inheritance. Sometimes, this money can be up to $1b or less. You will also inherit the crown from your parent.

Another way to become a billionaire is by joining the pro athlete, musician, and movie star career.

Becoming A Rapper Or Pop Star

To join this career, you must have high singing skills to get an audition. You can select music as your talent when creating your character. Doing this will help you gain skills faster. You can start taking voice lessons from the age of 8. Keep practicing each year to improve this skill.

After auditioning and getting a rap or pop contract, release albums and singles to increase your popularity. When you become a famous pop star or rapper, you can perform activities in the fame tab. If the popularity stat is high enough, you will earn more from writing books, doing commercials, and posing for magazines.

As a musician, you can earn money by releasing singles or albums, performing live in concert, going on tours, and royalties. When you produce a record, it might get certified gold, platinum, double platinum, or diamond. The higher the certification, the more the money and royalties.

Once you have enough money, invest in real estate. Unlike some jobs, you can still produce music in your 80s, which means more money.

Becoming A Pro Athlete

To become an athlete, select sports as your talent when creating your character- to have high athleticism. You can join a sports team in high school or university. When you graduate, you may get drafted to go pro. The official retirement age for athletes in Bitlife is 40-41. Therefore, it is advisable to go pro after high school as this gives more years as an athlete.

As an athlete, practice your skills to increase your greatness stat. When you become famous, write books, do commercials, and pose for magazines to earn extra money. The pro-athlete career is a high-paying one. At the end of your contract, you can see your career earnings.

When you retire, purchase properties to increase your net worth. There is no limit to the number of properties you can own. Purchase as many as you can afford.

Becoming A TV Or Movie Star

Before the actor job pack, you could earn as much as $5m as a famous actor. With this job pack, you can get paid more money from tv shows.

When creating your character, select acting as your talent to help you gain acting skills fast. You can start taking acting lessons from age 8.

This career requires you to have good looks. Therefore, if this attribute is low, you can work out at the gym, visit the salon and spa, or get plastic surgery to improve this stat.

After high school, you can audition for a movie or TV role. A TV show can run for as long as 15 seasons if it is popular. The better the script quality, the better the pay. Request an audition for high-pay roles. Your fit will determine if you will get an audition. Once you get the contract, go out in character and work on your lines to improve your performance. Your popularity stat and acting skills determine if you will get auditions. You can also hire a talent agent to help secure roles.

When you have enough money in your bank balance, invest in real estate. Unlike the pro-athlete career, there is no retirement age for actors. Therefore, you can keep earning money.

Becoming a billionaire is not easy to achieve. If you are a pro athlete, musician, or actor, it might take more than two generations to accumulate this net worth. The key to achieving this is purchasing properties.

Also, live in countries with no tax or estate tax. The easiest way to become a billionaire before the age of 40 is to start life as a count or countess in Monaco. When you achieve this net worth, you will unlock the bitionaire achievement.

When you accumulate billions, you can spend your money on aircraft, yachts, running for election, etc. You can also will your money to your child or children and continue their life. You can live for generations with bitizenship.