How To Be A Lawyer In Bitlife

Becoming a lawyer in Bitlife requires effort, patience, and smartness. There are different reasons you may be considering joining the lawyer career, to complete a challenge, get an achievement, or for fun. Whatever reason it might be, this guide will walk you through the steps it takes to become a lawyer in Bitlife.

Having High Smarts

One of the requirements of becoming a lawyer is having high smarts, at least 80%. If your character has low smarts, there are two ways to increase smarts in this game.

  • Visiting the library increases your smarts in Bitlife, although this option improves smarts by a little percent.

  • Reading books also boosts smarts. There are varieties of books to read from, children to self-help. Each book has different volumes. You may read a book with, as low as 22 pages or as high as 3000 pages. You have to tap each page to read a book. Reading a book with 20 to 50 pages takes less time, ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’ and ‘the giving tree’ are books that guarantee a massive boost in smarts.

Picking A Course To Study At The University

Knowing which course to study will save you a lot of time. Studying political science, English, or criminal justice will qualify you for law school. If you do not find any of these courses, close the app and reopen it. This method will reset the options. You may repeat this method till you find any course listed above.

Getting Into Law School

After graduating from University, you need to apply to law school. You will only be accepted if you have high smarts and have studied political science, English, or criminal justice at the university.

Becoming A Lawyer

When you graduate from law school, you may now apply for a career as a lawyer. The entry positions are junior associates and law clerk. A law clerk is the lowest position in the lawyer career. While being interviewed, you need to select the most reasonable answer to get the job. If you don’t get the job, you can always try again at another company. A partner is the highest position you can occupy as a lawyer.

Law Clerk – Junior Associate – Associate – Junior Partner – Partner

The lawyer career is one of the high-paying careers. It requires some effort to become a lawyer in Bitlife.

  • Having high smarts and studying political science, English, or criminal justice in the university qualifies you for law school.
  • Upon graduating from University, you have to go to law school to study to become a lawyer.
  • After completing law school, you may then apply for the entry position in the lawyer career, which are law clerk and junior associate positions.

To collect the lawyer career, you must have worked for 20 years as a lawyer. You may also decide to become a judge after collecting the lawyer career. You need 30 years of experience to apply for a position as a judge.