How To Be A Confidential Informant In Bitlife

When you join a crime syndicate in Bitlife, you can interact with and generate income for your family, stop reporting, become a confidential informant, ask for a promotion, and put in some extra effort.

A confidential informant works undercover for the police or a law enforcement agency to gather information or evidence about criminal activities. Becoming an informant is risky because you may get caught by your crime family. However, to join the witness protection program and unlock the achievement, you must become an informant.

Joining A Crime Syndicate

The first step to becoming an informant is to join the mafia. You must commit sufficient crimes to join a crime syndicate. Selecting crime as your talent when creating your character increases your chances of successfully committing a crime. When you are 18 years, you will have access to most activities in the crime menu.

After committing enough crimes, a member of a crime family may approach and invite you to join his syndicate.

You can also try to join a crime syndicate in the special careers job section. There are different crime syndicates on this list.

Becoming A Confidential Informant

When you join a family, you will occupy the position of associate. Keep working hard to become the crime boss. As an associate, you will have a low relationship with your family will be low. The notoriety and standing stats will also be red.

Notoriety: the easiest way to improve this stat is by killing people. You may perform a murder through the crime menu or whack out someone if they refuse to give you money. Successfully murdering someone will boost the notoriety stat.

Standing: to increase this stat, keep generating income for the family. You can rob a bank, burgle a home, extort a local business, steal a car, pickpocket a stranger, steal a neighbor’s mail, steal something from the mall, or rob a train. The best crime on this menu is grand theft auto. You can steal various vehicles when you select this option. As a member of the mafia, you have a better chance of stealing cars. You can deliver the stolen vehicle to the family or keep it. When you contribute it, the family will give you a percentage from it. The higher the value of your contribution, the higher the boost on the standing stat.

After some years in the mafia, you may get arrested for racketeering. However, the prosecution may offer you a chance to walk free if you become an informant.

You may also contact the authorities and volunteer to become a confidential informant.

When you accept, you will get a deadline to provide sufficient information on members of your crime syndicate. You can monitor your progress in the job menu. If you fail to provide evidence within the deadline, your charges will get reinstated.

As a confidential informant, you must work hard to collect evidence against members of your crime syndicate. If you meet the deadline, you will join the witness protection program.