How To Avoid Estate Tax In Bitlife

While playing Bitlife, you can accumulate wealth and pass it to your children. There is no limit to how much a character can have. You may buy properties, vehicles, and jewelry. When your character dies, you can continue life as your child and inherit the assets. With bitizenship, you may accumulate billions over generations. In the activities menu, you can manage your legacy by executing your will & testament. You may give money to your child, partner, or charity or divide it equally. If you have more than one child and you leave your assets to one of them, your relationship with your other children may decrease. It also applies when you have a partner. They may lecture or yell at you for leaving them out of your will.

When your character dies in Bitlife, and you choose to continue as the child you left your assets to in your will. Your child will have a ridiculous amount of money after paying estate tax to the government.

Estate Tax In Bitlife

An estate tax is a charge imposed on a dead person to transfer their estate to legal beneficiaries. When a person dies, they will pay estate tax when transferring their assets. Different countries have estate taxes in place.

In Bitlife, the estate tax is active in countries with this tax in real life. The purpose of the estate tax is to reduce the extent of massive inheritances. However, this tax can be annoying if you want to accumulate wealth over generations. The only way to avoid paying this tax is to live in a country without the estate tax.

Countries Without Estate Tax

Numerous countries in Bitlife do not impose an estate tax on assets. Therefore, you can accumulate wealth over generations without worrying about paying this tax. Some countries without estate tax in Bitlife include;







Czech Republic




Hong Kong







New Zealand









United Arab Emirates

Dying in any of these countries will exclude you from paying estate tax. If you start a life in a country that imposes estate taxes, you can emigrate to any of these countries before you die to avoid estate tax.

You can live in any country of your choice in Bitlife. When customizing your character, you can select the country and place of birth. If you want to accumulate wealth over generations and you don’t want to pay estate taxes, you can start a new life in a country or emigrate to a country without this tax. Almost half of the countries in Bitlife don’t have this tax. There are achievements in Bitlife that require you to reach certain wealth milestones. The highest achievement in the wealth category is achieving a net worth of $1b. To achieve this milestone, you can start life as a royal in a high-paying country like Monaco, accumulate enough wealth, then relinquish your title and emigrate to a country without the estate tax.