How To Amass A Million Followers In Bitlife

In Bitlife, you can sign up for social media and grow your account. Like in real life, you can become an influencer and a social media star when you hit certain milestones. There are five accounts you can create such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Youtube. After signing up, you will have access to different activities. To become an influencer, you must be consistent by posting photos or videos on your account. You can view your progress as you age. Your post can also go viral. A viral video or photo will give you more followers than usual.

There is no limit to the number of followers on an account. You can accumulate a hundred, thousand, and even millions of fans. To achieve this, you must post pictures every year.

Signing Up For Social Media

The social media tab in the assets menu will become available when you are 13 years. You can choose the one you want and sign up for it. You may also join all the networks if you want. After signing up, the activities you can perform are;

  • Buy Followers: you might find it hard to get fans after creating your account. You may boost it by purchasing followers. You can buy 100-5000 at once for less than $500. However, you can only perform this option once per year. Your account may also get suspended from this activity.
  • Celebrity: you can pick a celebrity and compliment, insult, troll, or profess love to them. If you have many followers, they may like your photo or follow you. They can also ignore you.
  • Delete: if you delete an account. You will lose all progress on it. You must sign up again to have access to the network.
  • Post/Tweet: you can choose from several posts or videos to make.
  • Promote: once your account is large enough, you can earn money by promoting products.
  • Troll: you can troll bitlifeapp, people you know, or celebrities. Your account can also get suspended from this activity.
  • Verify: you may request verification once you accumulate 100k+ followers on a network. Verifying your account will give you a blue tick and help you grow faster.

Accumulating 1 Million Followers

The best way to amass followers is by becoming famous. When you acquire fame, you will get thousands of fans as you age if this stat is high. Jobs that can make you famous are actor, musician, politician, professional athlete, disc jockey, writer, model, reporter, app designer, etc. However, if you are already famous, you cannot become an influencer or social media star.

You can accumulate followers by posting on your account. But this method may take a long time to achieve. Once you reach 13 years, sign up for an account and post at least five times a year. Keep doing this, and your picture or video may go viral and boost your following.

You may promote products when you have 1,000 fans. You will become an influencer and social media star at 100k+ and 500k+ followers, respectively. Once you verify your account, it will grow faster. Keep posting videos until you get 1 million fans.