How To Adopt Kids In Bitlife

One of the fundamental features of Bitlife is the ability to have children. Although, kids can be annoying in many ways, such as asking for money for toys/tuition fees or causing trouble in school. Raising children in Bitlife can also put you in debt if your job has low pay. However, if you want to continue your generation and keep your wealth in the family, you need children to do this. You can only continue the family tree by playing as your child. There are many ways to have kids, such as giving birth naturally, through artificial insemination, or in-vitro fertilization. You can also hire a surrogate, adopt, or have stepchildren.

The three forms of adoption in Bitlife are;

  • Adopting a partner’s child: your girlfriend or wife can get pregnant with someone else’s child. If you accept the message, they will give birth, and you will become the legal guardian. Even if you break up or divorce your partner before they give birth, you will still get custody of the child.

  • Adopting a relative or neighbour’s child: this occurrence is random and can happen at any age above 18. This pop-up indicates a scenario involving a kid. You may either accept or refuse the child.
  • Visiting the adoption centre: this method is the most popular way of adopting. You will get a selection of children, and to adopt one, you must pay a fee. The advantage of this procedure is you can choose the age, gender, and stats you want. However, because this method is broad, there are rules you must follow to adopt a child.

Adopting Children

When you are 18 years, you will unlock the adoption menu. However, you won’t be able to adopt immediately because of your age.

Once you are old enough to adopt, open the adoption tab in the activities tab. You will get a selection of six children. You can view their behaviour stat, and selecting anyone will display why they are available for adoption, their name, gender, age, birthplace (if they are not from your country), cost, and stats.

If eligible, you will get a pop-up to change their last name to match yours. Once you pick the option you want, you will become their parent.

The conditions that determine the adoption procedure are;

  • Age: you can adopt kids from age 21. Once you are above 70 years, your request will get denied due to old age.
  • Criminal record: if you are fond of committing crimes in Bitlife, it may ruin your chances of adopting a child. Also, going to prison disqualifies you from this procedure. However, when you emigrate to another country, you can start afresh and adopt children if you want.
  • Amount of children: the main reason for adopting is the inability or not wanting to have kids. If you have more than five children, you will get an “unspecified” reason when you try to adopt a child. Thus, if you’re trying to complete a challenge, it is noteworthy to do this before giving birth.
  • House: to have children with someone, you don’t need to own a house. However, one of the requirements for adoption is you must own property. You can purchase a mid-century home, trailer or any other cheap house you can afford.

  • Money: you need enough money to adopt a child. The cost differs according to your country. It is essential to have enough money in your bank balance or get a good job. Because children have monthly expenses, if you are not financially stable, you can be in debt.