Can You Become A Professional Athlete In Bitlife?

Bitlife is a life simulator that lets you have any life you desire. You can live your wildest dreams, play as a famous person, or even recreate yourself. With the special careers feature, you can become a professional athlete, work on your greatness, and become famous. Presently, there are six careers in this category which are;

Actor; you can become a famous tv or movie star when you join this career. To become an actor, select acting as your special talent, and take acting lessons till your skill is high enough.

Mafia; there are six crime syndicates in this option. You can try to join the mafia after engaging in different criminal activities.

Musician; you can become a famous rapper, pop star, rock star, etc. There are different genres of music you can produce as a singer or instrumentalist.

Politician: run for a local office, city mayor, governor, or president/prime minister. To become a politician, finish university and go to law school. Running for office is expensive. Thus, have enough money for your campaign budget.

Pro Athlete: it is one of the high-paying jobs in Bitlife. To become an athlete, select sports as your special talent to have high athleticism and join your preferred sports team in high school or university.

Street Hustler: you can scam people by selling fake jewellery, VIP tickets, weed, etc. You can earn a lot from this career if your street smarts are high enough.

The Pro Athlete Career

The numerous leagues you can join in Bitlife include:

  • Professional football league
  • Professional basketball league
  • Professional baseball league
  • Professional hockey league
  • Bitlife soccer league: female characters have American and English women’s league soccer, while male characters have English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Brazilian league soccer.
  • Australian league rugby
  • English league rugby
  • Professional volleyball league

Each one has different teams. Some have up to 20 teams. You can view a team’s record, rank, status, sport, league and strength. The team ranking 1st is called the champions.

After joining a team for any sports, you will become a professional athlete. You will get a change in background and an additional feature which is the greatness stat. This stat determines your overall performance as an athlete. It will also assist in winning the championship.

When you open your professional athlete menu in the job tab, you will get a pop-up of your age, position, team, sport, league, current contract, years left, career length, career earnings, career championships, respect, fitness, and all the stats that comes with the sports you play.

The pro-athlete job offers a lot of new activities to perform. This career allows you to work on your skills and view your progress. Unlike full-time careers, you must work to get the desired result. In this career, there is mandatory retirement age which is usually between the age of 40-42.

Achievements To Collect

  • Canton: Get inducted into the football hall of fame
  • Cristiano: Win the Ballon d’Or
  • Full Ride: Accept an athletic scholarship
  • Giggsy: Win 13 career championships
  • Hooker: Get paid to be a hooker
  • Lance: Win a championship while doping