BitLife’s Highest Paying Jobs & Careers

Performing different activities in Bitlife requires money. As a child, you need money to give gifts and visit the salon. Once you reach the age of 18, you need to spend money for most of the activities in this game, such as going to the gym, using the dating app, visiting the doctor for consultation and treatment, getting a license, etc. You also need money to buy jewelry, properties, instruments, and vehicles.

Getting money in Bitlife is easy. You can go for the easier way by engaging in criminal activities or go through the formal way of getting a job. Winning the lottery and casino, and inheritance are also easy ways to earn money. In the job menu, you can get a full-time or part-time job, enlist in the military, or join a special career. There are numerous jobs you can get based on your qualifications. Some jobs require you to complete a higher education, while some require you to have good stats. This guide will walk you through the highest-paying jobs in no particular order.

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Famous Jobs

You can also become famous if you join a career that gives you fame. As a famous person, you need to increase your fame stat to earn more money. You can write books, do commercials, and pose for magazines to increase your fame. These activities also pay well. Some high-paying jobs that also give fame are;

Famous Athlete

To become a professional athlete, you may join a sports team in high school or university to get drafted to go professional. You must have high athleticism and good health to join a sports team. When you become an athlete, work hard to improve your greatness. You can also win awards and championship rings. There are various sports you can play in Bitlife. The more popular the sport, the more money you will get paid.


Becoming a royal is the easiest and least stressful method of accumulating wealth in Bitlife. You can start life as a royal or marry into a royal family. Once you start a new life, you will earn money each year without doing anything. Your salary as a royal depends on your title and country of birth. Monaco has the highest paying royals. Therefore, if you’re looking to reach $1b before age 30, living in Monaco is a good choice. Starting life as a royal is random unless you have god mode. To marry into a royal family, you must live in a country with a monarch system, have high stats, then keep going to the gym and using the find a date option. You may find a duke, earl, or princess. When you marry them, you will quit your job to join the royal family.

Famous Musician

As a musician, you can release singles and albums, go on tours, and perform live in concert. You will also receive royalties when you age up. When your popularity stat is high enough, your record may get certified gold, platinum, double platinum, or diamond. The more the certification, the more money you will get. To become a musician, you must have high singing or instrument skill to get an audition.

Movie Star

You can start taking acting lessons from age 8. High looks stat is a necessity to become a movie star. After graduating high school, you can join this career. You may focus on acting in movies or tv shows. The higher the budget and script quality, the better the pay. When you have high respect, you will get paid more for movies and tv show roles.

Porn Star

To become a porn actor, you must be young and have good looks. After high school, get a job as a porn actor, then work hard to improve your job performance. You will become famous after some years. You can earn as much as $2m from a commercial.


This job requires you to have high smarts. You can join the writer career at any age and will still have the chance of becoming famous. Like most careers that give fame, you can earn money from writing books, doing commercials, and posing for magazines.


To become a model, complete high school, and have good looks. Apply for the position of foot model and work hard to become a runway model. After working as a runway model for some years, you will become a world-renowned supermodel. Unfortunately, only females can become models in Bitlife.

Most of these jobs do not require you to go to university. Other jobs that give fame are reporter, disc jockey, politician, social media influencer, etc. Becoming famous comes with advantages and disadvantages. As you get older, you may not get paid enough from commercials and magazines your fame bar may decrease. When the bar is low, your star will wane, and you will no longer be famous.

Regular Jobs

You can also get regular jobs that won’t give you fame. Most high-paying jobs require you to have high smarts and complete higher education. Some of the white-collar jobs include:

CEO: Becoming a CEO takes years and hard work to achieve. To get this job, have a business-related degree, complete business school, get a corporate job, work for 15 years and switch to an executive career. The highest position in the executive career is a CEO.

Chief Pilot

To become a pilot, get a degree in English, engineering, or a related major. You also need to complete 40 hours of flight school, after which you would take the pilot test to get your license. After getting your pilot’s license, apply for the position of pilot trainee, and work hard to become a chief pilot.


The highest position in the lawyer career is a partner. To become a lawyer, complete university and apply to law school. The accepted majors for this school are political science, English, criminal justice, philosophy, and finance.

Brain Surgeon

The doctor career is a high-paying one. You need to complete medical school to become a doctor. The brain surgeon job pays as high as $100k. The other high-paying jobs in the doctor career are physical therapist, family physician, psychiatrist, etc.


After working as a lawyer for 30 years, you can apply for a magistrate position. The highest rank in this career is the chief judge.