Bitlife Street Hustler Update – Everything You Need To Know

The street hustler career is one of the job packs in Bitlife. When your character is 18 years, you will unlock the special careers section in the occupations tab. To become a street hustler, you must buy this pack or boss mode.

Boss mode is a premium package that includes all current and future jobs in the special careers category. It is better to buy this membership because you will save money than purchasing individual packs.

The street hustler career allows players to make money while scamming people or hustling on the street. This walkthrough will guide you in everything you need to know about this update.

Becoming A Street Hustler

Once you graduate or drop out of high school, open the occupations tab and locate the street hustler career. You will get a selection of streets with varying traffic stat.

When you choose one, you will get a pop-up of the traffic, crime, and police stats. After picking the one you want, the game will direct you to a new menu, and you can choose your hustle. The four types are;

  • Busker: to become a busker, purchase an instrument and improve your skill. The stat must be green to show up in the busker pop-up. You can pick your instrument, music type, attire, and collection box. Random people can give you money and request you to play a song for them. This hustle type will increase your instrument skill.

  • Panhandler: selecting this hustle will display a pop-up where you can pick your prop, sign, collection box, and strategy.

When you start panhandling, people can give you money, food, objects, drugs, etc. Reporters can also approach you to share your story. When you age, you will view your total earnings from panhandling.

  • Scam Artist: this hustle has three categories. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You must work hard and improve your street smarts to unlock the other levels. Pick the scam you want and focus on improving your skill.

  • Street Performer: you can pick your act, attire, and collection box. This option is similar to becoming a panhandler.

Special Features

Once you start working on a street, you will get the street smarts below your looks. Work on this stat to make more money as a hustler. When you open your job profile, the activities in this menu are;

  • Hustles: you can pick a new hustle. The options are busker, panhandler, scam artist, and street performer.
  • Image: this update allows you to customise your image to look like a hustler. The looks include shaggy hair, piercings, scars, gold tooth, bruises, missing teeth, etc. Once you leave this career, your image will reset to default.

  • People: you can interact with regular people and passersby on the street. The regulars are usually cops, hookers, and beggars, while passersby can be millionaires, Reddit trolls, exotic dancers, stockbrokers, chefs, venture capitalists, socialites, etc.

  • Practice: you can practice your work to improve your skill. While practising, you can sustain an injury. This action will deteriorate your health.

  • Quit: leave your job as a hustler.
  • Strategy: adjust your performing strategy.
  • Streets: you can switch streets if the one you are staying in is not profitable.


This update also brings new achievements to complete:

  • Benevolent Beast: Panhandle change from an animal
  • Bravo: Receive a standing ovation
  • Pan Flute Pro: Become a master Peruvian pan flutist
  • Pearl Necklace: Receive a pearl necklace on the street
  • Stand Your Ground: Refuse to leave after being asked to by a cop
  • Sucker: Sell a tourist fake weed
  • Tossed Salad: Eat a tossed salad on the street