BitLife Schools Guide – How to get into Vet, Law, Pharmacy & Medical School

When you graduate from university in Bitlife, you may seek higher education. There are different schools you can apply to after University based on your degree. Some jobs require you to complete graduate, business, nursing, dental, veterinary, law, pharmacy, or medical schools. These jobs are usually high-paying. To enroll in law, veterinary, medical, or pharmacy school, you must have high smarts and a degree in a related major. Knowing the majors that qualify you for these schools will save you a lot of stress. This article will guide you in applying to University and getting accepted into veterinary, law, pharmacy, and medical school.

Having High Smarts

The first requirement is to have high smarts. With god mode, you can customize your character’s smarts when starting a new life. You can also improve this stat by watching documentaries, visiting the public library, and reading books. Reading children’s picture books will help you gain smarts faster.

You can also take part-time jobs from age 15 to pay for University or higher education.

Applying To University

After graduating from high school, you may apply to university. If you don’t find the major you want, you may close the game and reopen it to refresh the list. After selecting your major, choose how you would pay for University. You may apply for a scholarship, pay with cash, take a student loan, or ask your parent to pay. You can edit your parent’s generosity with god mode. The higher your parent’s generosity stat, the more willing they are to pay your tuition.

When you enroll in University, you can join a sorority or fraternity and extracurricular activities to boost your chance of getting a scholarship.

Law School

To get into law school, you must have a degree in English, political science, criminal justice, philosophy, or finance. These are the majors that will qualify you for this school. Law school takes three years to complete, and when you graduate, you can get a job as a lawyer or become a politician. To become a judge, you must have 30 years of experience as a lawyer.

Medical School

After graduating high school with high smarts, apply to university and select biology, chemistry, physics, nursing, or psychology. Medical school is expensive. Therefore, you need a plan if you don’t get a scholarship. This school takes seven years to complete, and when you finish, you can get a job in the medical field, such as a brain surgeon, physical therapist, psychiatrist, physician, etc.

Pharmacy School

You can become a pharmacist by attending pharmacy school. To get accepted into this school, you must have a degree in biology, chemistry, or physics. When you get a job as a pharmacist, work hard to improve your job performance to get promoted.

Veterinary School

To get a job as a veterinarian, you must complete veterinary school. After high school, apply to University and major in biology, chemistry, or physics. You can get a job as a Jr. Veterinarian or veterinarian and work hard to become a Sr. Veterinarian.