BitLife Groupie Challenge Guide – How to Join BitLife Team

Today here we are going to learn how you can complete the groupie challenge in bitlife and join the bitlife team. In this groupie challenge in bitlife, you basically have to become a part of the bitlife team. So, let’s get it started step by step.

Following are the tasks which you need to complete in order to complete the groupie challenge in bitlife.

  • Get 1000+ views on a bitlife YouTube video.
  • Join the bitlife team.
  • Marry someone on the bitlife team.

Table of Contents

Step 1:

The first thing you got to do in order to complete this challenge is to get 1000+ views on a bitlife video on YouTube, which is pretty easy to do. Just go to assets, social media, and then tap on YouTube.

source: Melcheko

Post a video on YouTube. In the pick your video tab option select bitlife and post your video. There you go and eventually you are going to get a thousand views on this video.

Note: – Never post a political video on YouTube in bitlife, because political videos are going to give you a lot of hate, as this is a very controversial topic and each political party has their vehement supporters.

Step 2:

The next step is to join the bitlife team, and this is probably the one that is kind of a little bit confusing for many people. Just tap on your profile and make sure whenever you start a new life in bitlife, you start it in the Miami United States of America because that is where the developers are based.

So, once you have started your new life in Miami united states in bitlife, you just want to age up to 18 and then you have to apply for the university. Make sure you select computer science as your main subject, graduate, and get a degree in computer science. Then you have to get a job in a relevant field, in order to do it simply go to occupations, jobs and then go all the way down and you are going to see an app tester (mobile app developer), apply for this position. When you apply for the job, you will get an interview, try to crack the interview, and hopefully, you will get the job.


Once you actually get the job as a mobile app developer, you are now already on the bitlife team. keep working hard to make sure you don’t lose your job because this job is crucial in order to complete the next step of this challenge. So, now the next step to complete the groupie challenge in bitlife is to get married in the bitlife team, for this, you just have to go to occupation, job, tap on co-workers, and then date any random one of your colleagues and simply get married to your colleague.

And there you go; this is how you complete the groupie challenge in bitlife.

[All images source: Melcheko]