What Does Respiration Do in Minecraft?

Respiration in Minecraft refers to an enchantment that reduces the chance a player will drown in water by giving them some extra time to breathe and complete their objective. Players in Minecraft can hold their breath for up to 15 seconds without any potions or enchantments before running out of air and drowning, respiration vastly increases the time a player can be immersed in the water.

Another advantage of the enchantment is the fact that if a player drowns in water without the respiration enchantment, they face two losses compared to the single loss they get if they run out of time with the enchantment in use.

While the respiration enchantment is typically used on helmets, like in the picture above, with the use of different commands, the enchantment can be used on other items.

Levels of respiration

There are different levels of respiration enchantment in Minecraft. Each of these levels increases the amount of time a player can stay underwater by 15 seconds with each level. These levels are :

  • Level I gives you 30 seconds underwater.
  • Level II gives you 45 seconds underwater.
  • Level III gives you a minute underwater.

Players will have to use an anvil to move from level to level and can cast spells by stacking two similar enchanting levels together to move on to the next.

Merging two level I respiration spells will give one level II respiration while merging a level I respiration and level II respiration will result in a level III respiration.

Players can also advance their respiration enchantment sim the game through aqua affinity encounters and can enhance the effects of the enchantment by combining it with a turtle shell helmet. With this helmet, users can receive up to 70 seconds underwater.

Importance of Respiration in Minecraft

Respiration enchantments are important for players in Minecraft who want to retrieve submerged blocks like sponge, prismarine stairs, prismarine, clay, sand, gravel while exploring sea temples underwater. These enchantments help the players achieve their objectives by being able to remain underwater longer than normal.

Players also need the respiration enchantment when trying to defeat the sea temple. This is because the player will need to attack a barricade made of Elder guardians as well as a barricade of guardians while underwater.

How to Get the Respiration Enchantment in Minecraft?

To get the respiration enchantment to a leather cap or helmet  in Minecraft, a user will have to follow the following steps :

1- Find lapis lazuli ore by mining and exploring caves.

2- Use a furnace to extract lapis lazuli from the ores.

3- Go to the enchantment table to get the different powers for armour or helmet.

4- Place the lapis lazuli in the enchantment table to add the respiration enchantment.


While you might not be familiar with the respiration enchantment on Minecraft, it is one of the most useful enchantments in the game. Hopefully, we have gotten familiar with the enchantment in this article and with that, you can go out and use it successfully.

Don’t forget to share the article if it was helpful and comment on how you use the enchantment; Thanks and have fun.