20 Best Minecraft Mountain House Ideas 2022

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A recent Minecraft 1.18 update added a new caves and cliffs feature. Since then, players have been able to use mountains as a location for new houses. As a result, several mountain houses designs have been created. But even with this, people are always on the lookout for more.

This is what this article aims to help out with. We have included 20 best Minecraft house ideas in our list and video tutorials that would help you with step-by-step instructions on how to build it. Furthermore, these tips are straightforward, and soon with practice, youā€™d be a pro at building mountain houses.

1. Spruce Mountain House

This mountain house combines perfectly with the environment and has several unique features that make it a standout home. The building contains an enchanting room, a nether portal, an ender chest, mines, among other important things. Furthermore, the traditional design makes this building a nice one to stay in. The items used to build this mountain house comprise primarily of wood, and the result is a structure that feels like an extension of the mountain surroundings.

2. Natural Mountain HouseĀ 

Having a house that is in sync with nature is a pleasant feature for those who like vegetation, gardens, and all sorts of attractive greenery. Aside from watching the tutorial attached, you can also add extra furnishings to the original design to make it unique. This natural mountain house is built in a relaxing environment and contains spacious rooms that make the building comfortable.

3. Village Mountain HomeĀ 

This build is located in a village setting, but it has all the items a player would need in a home. Everything needed for survival is included there. This is why it is a valuable house to have. In addition, the following features are included in the house: a storage room, a smelting room, a brewing space, a nether portal, and available crops on the farm, among others. Villagers are also present around this mountain house, making the area a place where you can engage in several trades and, after that, head back to your shelter to rest.

4. Small Starter Mountain Home

For novices at Minecraft building, you should opt for this mountain home if you want to test out your crafting ability. This small starter house has a simple design for you to follow, and it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Regarding the activities you can carry out in this house, there are multiple spaces, and you can customize them however you wish.

5. Stone and Spruce House

As the name implies, this build consists majorly of stone and spruce logs. The house is crafted directly within the mountain, and that will provide the necessary security from opponents while you play the game of Minecraft. In addition, the house has a very charming look, and its unique structure makes it a nice place to live in, especially during survival mode.

6. Natural Home in the Mountains

This natural home does not require a lot of materials to craft and should be something you consider when you want to build a house that is not too challenging. Even with its minimalist design, the house has attractive features such as brightly coloured shrubs around it and a small fishing pond that adds a rustic feel to the environment and makes it a very homely place. In addition, the spaces in the house are wide enough to store the items you get after a busy day of playing Minecraft.

7. Hanging House

Another very unique house is this one. The houseā€™s name describes it perfectly as the building hangs upside down when you have finished crafting it. The views from this property are second to none, and it is also secure from enemies, dangerous mobs, skeletons, etc. To start building this house, you need to use a tall mountain. For this, you can use the coordinates the video tutorial has attached to find one or go ahead to a location that you like to craft your hanging house.

8. Grand Mountain Home

This mountain home describes luxury with every stone block. It contains a mansion-style fortress and twin towers crafted with elegant details. For those who feel a survival home should be anything but basic, this is for you.

The build has all the necessities that you would need, and it is also very well-designed, supplying you with a quaint mansion that is beautiful and functional as well. If this house sounds like something that you wish to have, then watch the video tutorial and start crafting your dream home.

9. Modern Mountain HomeĀ 

Although this build is made inside a mountain, it features an attractive modern design that makes it stand out from the list. Furthermore, the house was crafted close to a cliff edge, but it still has an elegant look that is subtle and classy. The color tones of the house are majorly calming. There are white blocks all around and the lights fixed at intervals give the space a relaxing effect. Additionally, several blocks of vegetation are placed everywhere, providing that connection with nature.

10. Rustic Mountain HouseĀ 

The build is placed right inside hanging shrubs and beautiful vegetation. It is also merged with the mountain, with only the exterior visible to outsiders. Therefore, to view the entirety of this house, you would have to enter the hidden mountain areas. In addition, creepers will have a hard time getting into this house because of how well-protected it is. Meanwhile, the materials used to make this rustic mountain house are not hard to find, they include: Spruce slabs, Spruce stairs, Oak fences, Oak doors, Dirt, Stone bricks, etc.

11. Waterfall Modern House

With a striking waterfall exterior, this modern house is one that you should consider building. It is very aesthetically pleasing, and the designs and colors all blend in to form a very exquisite place.

If you are feeling particularly creative, you can also extend your base over several blocks and expand it to include more features. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior, there is a monochrome theme going on, and it reflects in the sitting room, enchanting room, and other storage spaces in the house.

12. Cliff House

This house is right on top of the mountain, and you can view the surrounding areas from it. To build this, you would have to locate the cliff the house would stand on and then proceed to craft the rooms. The tutorial to make this is a step-by-step process that would start with building different frames so that you would be aware of the houseā€™s layout. This would make it easy for you to proceed to the other parts of the house.

13. Survival House on The CliffĀ 

This is another cliff house on the list, but it has a difference. It is built by the side of the mountain, not at the top. However, it also comes with beautiful views of the waterfront. Coupled with this, the interior of this survival house is just as impressive. There are spacious rooms that are decorated with charming artwork, hanging shrubs, and even a hidden entrance. The following listed are some of the standout features of the house. In addition, the survival house provides the basic things you would need to refresh yourself before going out again to play Minecraft.

14. Mountain CastleĀ 

Ever wondered how living in a castle would feel? You can get to experience it by building this mountain castle in Minecraft. Among the many advantages the castle provides, it is also a spacious area where you can get privacy after a busy day. However, it is not easy to build because the property size is huge, so you must take your time getting the needed materials and then planning the design layout before you start building the castle. It contains several small towers that are connected by specific pathways.

15. Mountain Cottage

A cottage in the mountain sounds like a wonderful idea, and this one listed certainly lives up to that expectation. It is a cozy build tucked right in the middle of green shrubs, vibrant flowers, and beautiful vegetation. So, if youā€™re a person whose preference is quaint spaces that are also isolated from noise and crowds, then this mountain cottage should be a perfect fit for you. To build it, you would need the following: smooth red sandstone, grass, granite mix, pillars, spruce buttons, polished granite, and other important items.

16. Winter MansionĀ 

This mansion is biome specific. You can either build it in a snowy or cold biome. It is placed on a mountain peak which is why it can also be described as a mountain house. In addition, the mansion is big and has many rooms, making it suitable for large gatherings to stay there. Although the exterior requires little time and materials to set up, you would have to focus more on the interior because of the intricate designs that it comes with. The interior contains a dining room, bedroom, entrance hall, functional room, and storage spaces, among other areas. To help you out, thereā€™s a tutorial video attached with all those steps readily available.

17. Medieval Mountain HouseĀ 

This house mimics medieval houses of past history, and the structure serves as both a shelter and a secure base for any Minecraft player. Furthermore, it contains rooms that are wide enough for multiple activities. The materials needed for building this mountain house are spruce trap doors, functional wood, oak logs, red bricks, lanterns, plus a lot of varieties of stone and wooden materials. Nonetheless, the best part of having several rooms in this mansion is that each has a different and unique design which is both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.

18. Cozy Starter Mountain House

Made in survival world, this build is an excellent mountain house to have, especially if you want just a space that is comfy and suited to your individual taste. The items that you would need for this build are the following: brick walls, dark oak slabs, stone brick stairs, cobblestone, lanterns, cobblestones, spruce trap doors, and dark oak fences, ferns, mines, etc. Furthermore, the houseā€™s exterior is designed beautifully with creeping vegetation and beautiful flowers tucked in specific corners. The surroundings are also secure because of the presence of various lanterns that are placed around the house.

19. Skull Mountain HouseĀ 

If you want your house to look scary, then this is the perfect fit for you. This mountain house is built in the shape of a skull and has glowing lanterns as a pair of eyeballs. All of this contributes to making the house fearsome to look at, which would help to ward off your enemies from attacking your base. However, if you want to craft this mountain house, you would need to gather several materials for both the interior and exterior parts. Some of them are Nether wart, Soul sand, Fire coral, Sea grass, Sand, Cyan concrete, Jukebox, Brewing stand, Dark oak planks, Spruce fences, Spruce logs, Diorite stairs and walls, Glowstone, Dark oak slabs, Obsidian, etc.

20. Underwater Mountain House

This mountain house combines the best of two locations. The building involves you excavating the mountain to create a wonderful interior, but thatā€™s not the only thing required. The house also has an opening that allows you to have a breathtaking view of the sea. There are also shrubs and water lilies that serve as decorative pieces for the house. In addition, you would need some smooth quartz blocks and stairs, among a long list of things, to craft this house. In the end, the result of crafting this is an exquisite underwater mountain house which is a worthy asset.