20 Best Minecraft Base Ideas 2022

Every player in Minecraft needs a base to call home. This place would provide shelter and security for you after an adventure-filled day. And it doesn’t have to be a boring one. There are several amazing designs available for you to pick from and recreate.

In addition, they all have difficulty levels. Some are easy to build, while others might be complex, so the choice lies entirely with you to go for the Minecraft base that you want. In this article, there are 20 Minecraft base ideas to pick from.

1. The Treehouse Fortress

 This base is unique to build, and it has so many beautiful features that make it stand out from the rest. First, it is crafted majorly from trees, but it also has an exquisite pond ceiling. The building also starts from underground before extending to the outside. The other parts of the base are surrounded by natural vegetation and would serve as an enchanting abode for people interested in nature. Finally, the treehouse fortress is safe and secure for you to dwell in. So, if you are interested in having one at your disposal, view the tutorial and start crafting yours.

2. Survival Island Base

This build would take time to complete, but the result is worth it. The base has everything for survival, and it is partially submerged in water to protect those who stay in the base from enemies. The whole building comprises a small tent, a small camp, a pier, and a mine entrance. All these compartments join to form the survival island base. The major drawback with this build is that the drowned in Minecraft might pose a threat and try to attack the players in the house. To avoid this, ensure that a strong barrier protects the base.

3. Deep Under the Sea Base 

As the name implies, this base is located deep under the sea, and it would require smart planning to get it completed. This is because while building the base, the player would have to come up for air multiple times so as not to drown. The player also has to be careful of the dangerous creatures under the sea. So, to help with the problem of drowning, players can brew a water-breathing potion that they can take at intervals. Despite these troubles, if you go ahead to build the deep under-the-sea base, you would own a very elegant space that would provide security and comfort as you play the game of Minecraft.

4. The Mega Base

The mega base is a large fortress, and the crafting of it comes in different parts. First, you would have to draft the design, locate an island on which the base would be built, make a 2D plan, and craft a wall skeleton to guide the other building processes. Some Minecraft players call this base a complete test of patience because it would require a lot of time to complete. But that is to be expected because the base has a lot of space and features, so the players need a certain amount of effort and consistency to craft

5. Ultimate Swamp Base 

Located in the swamp biome, this base is another one that is built in a unique biome. It also comes with special components that would make it a valuable asset to own. For example, the base has a trapdoor to prevent enemies from getting in, a nether portal to use for escape and to find difficult items, hanging lights, balconies, bookshelves, and extra spaces for placing your other belongings. Because of the following reasons, the ultimate swamp base is one to have.

6. The Futuristic Dome

Travel to the future with this build. It has a very enchanting design. The dome also has a modern look, making it a good possession to have. In addition, this base is also secure as it contains multiple light sources and is enclosed in a way that opponents cannot get in. Furthermore, sea lanterns are spread throughout the house, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the base.

7. The Giant Oak Base 

If you are just starting out with Minecraft bases, then this is an excellent choice. You can get the items to build this easily, the major challenge would be to get them in large quantities, and you can do that by acquiring them strategically. Some items needed are Oak logs, Oak slabs, Birch stairs, Birch planks, Blocks of diamond, Torch, Grass path, etc. The base consists of spacious rooms and a farm you can use to grow food. In addition, to ensure that the base is very secure, players are advised to craft a fence to surround it. This, in turn, would prevent enemy attacks on the players while they sleep.

8. Large Underground Base 

This is another underground Minecraft base that is fun to build. It is crafted in a circular form, with the building below the ground serving as the main house, and the one above is the farm where you can plant vegetables and food. The building is complete and equipped with all you need as a player in the game. Furthermore, there are very elegant fences around, and they all have lanterns placed on them for added protection.

9. Cottagecore Survivor Base 

This cottagecore build is cozy and very aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a base that doesn’t require a lot of materials, then you should go for this one. The items that you would use to build this include the following: Spruce fence, Stone brick stairs, Spruce stairs, Oak logs, etc. Alongside the house, you would also be able to make a small farm with it, which you can use to grow crops.

10. Underground Survivor Bunker 

Although this bunker is underground, it is a very spacious one to have. And because it has different rooms, it also requires a lot of materials and time to build. This underground survivor bunker contains a bedroom, crafting and smelting room, a nether portal, an enchanting room with a station for brewing, a big storage room with plenty of chests, and a large farm room still in the bunker together with the entrance to a mine. If you can make this base, you will be able to stay indoors for a long time. Players will also feel protected in the bunker because it is underground and is hidden from opponents.

11. Desert Underground Base 

Located in the desert biome, this is an attractive base to build, and it is crafted with materials that can be easily found in that biome. The building also has lovely features such as huge sand statues, a farm, a nether portal, some natural vegetation, and small pots of fire around that are kept burning by an engine. What’s more, the base has two buildings that are joined together, and there are a lot of storage rooms for crafting and enchantments.

12. Minecraft Mountain Base

This mountain base has the needed features that a player can use to survive. It is also set in a delightful mountain area that ensures that the end result of the build is an elegant structure. The base contains the following: a crafting and smelting area, a nether portal, a brewing station, a farm area for food, and various important rooms for storage and other functions. If you are interested in crafting something like this, there is a video tutorial attached with steps that you would make the process easier.

13. Small Survivor Base 

For a small survivor base, this one is comfortably fashioned, and you can build this if you want a compact space. It contains the regular features that are found in a survivor base, such as a farm, a bedroom, mining area, among other spaces. But this building has something special about it. Instead of being built with wood or logs, the walls are made with glass, and players would be able to monitor their environment even while they are in the base.

14. Ultimate Survivor Tower Base

This base comes with a different layout than the rest. It is built with different levels, and each of them represents a specific area. They are all in order, from the smelting room to the enchantment room and other parts of the base. Because of this design, the layout is a very tall building which means that its foundation has to be strong. This would prevent the errors that can occur while you build. At the end of the crafting process, the base would end up with the shape of a tower.

15. Secret Mountain Base

The location of this base is deep in the mountains. This makes it one of the safest bases to have on Minecraft. In addition, the building also comes with a secret entrance that is only known to the player that built it. The materials used to make this secure base include the following: some chests, Redstone dust, dropper, Redstone comparator, Redstone repeater, torches as a light source, etc. If this is a base that you want to have, you can go ahead to build yours. There’s a video tutorial attached to this article that would certainly help you out.

16. Minecraft Mega Base

A mega base is a large survival base, and this one listed here is worthy of that title. It took the Youtuber ‘Smallish Beans’ a total of 100 days to complete this. So, if you are interested in taking on a long-term project that would challenge your building skills, this is the one for you. It would require a lot of mining and a trip to both the ender and the nether world to gather the materials you would use to build. Nonetheless, it is like an enjoyable mini Minecraft quest, and the goal is to have fun while you craft your mega base.

17. Modern Underwater Secret Base

While building this underwater base, you first have to find a good location to build it, after which you look for the items needed to make the base. When that is settled, it is suggested that you use creative mode while crafting this because the process requires the use of explosives to excavate certain portions of the ground. In creative mode, the player would not sustain any damage. The interesting part about crafting this base is that you can make a mini shelter where you can take breaks as you complete your task.

18. Simple Survival Base 

For this simple survival base, you would need some glass, oak wood, chests, oak logs, torches, and glass boxes, among other materials. The building is made mostly of wood and is a very cozy and charming place to stay in. Furthermore, the video tutorial you can use as a guide to making yours is easy to follow and will not take much time like some other bases on this list. In addition, there is a cute chimney and flower garden that makes the exterior of the base pleasing to look at.

19. Zombie Secret Base

This secret base would come in handy when you are running from zombies, opponents, enemy mobs, and all other dangerous creatures in Minecraft. The build features a hidden entrance that only the player can access, an elevator, bookshelves, bedrooms, storage spaces, etc. Everything concerning the base is done underground, and that fact makes it more secure than most buildings. If you wish to make one, there’s a video tutorial attached to this article.

20. Large Spruce Survival Base 

This build is large, very attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. While building it, you would use mostly spruce materials such as oaks, and logs, among other items, to ensure that the base is strong enough to withstand attacks from dangerous night creatures. The base also comes with everything a Minecraft player can use in survival mode.