How to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Over time, playing Minecraft, everyone sooner or later gets that particular desire, which maybe at the beginning you didn’t have and which over time becomes more and more pressing. Have you already figured out what I’m talking about? Great! Of course I am referring to the desire to become invisible! Well it is obvious that it is something really fascinating, which offers many advantages, even if it is perhaps a condition that lasts a few minutes! This is more than understandable as we cannot deny that, in a world full of ambushes and dangers like that of Minecraft, the possibility of becoming invisible even for a few moments offers very high chances of survival. The reasons that can lead to this need can be among the most disparate and this is where the fateful question arises: but is there a way in Minecraft to make yourself invisible?

Well, the answer is: yes! As always, Minecraft does not disappoint in terms of tricks and magic, and also contemplates the possibility of making yourself invisible, even if only for a few minutes. The tool that Minecraft provides you to make yourself invisible is the simplest that exists and is called “invisibility potion”, a potion that allows the player not to be seen by enemy creatures and more generally by everyone while still being present in the game. Really cool! If you think that in the end the procedure to obtain the invisibility potion is not even that complicated to implement, then you will really want to try this magical potion yourself. In this guide you can find the steps that lead to the creation of an invisibility potion, easily and without too much effort.

I’m sure that with a little dedication and practice you will be able to create it too without really having any difficulty. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work now to earn some mysterious and fascinating “discretion”. Therefore, strictly follow the instructions I am about to give you. You will not really regret it!

Here there are materials needed to create a potion of invisibility in Minecraft:

Brewing Stand X 1
Cruet X 1
Nether Wart X 1
Golden Carrot X 1
Fermented Spider Eye X 1
Blaze Powder X 1
Redstone Powder X 1

STEP 1: Get the materials

The very first thing you need to do if you want to make an invisibility potion is to get the materials needed to brew it in a brewing station. Obviously if you are in survival mode and you don’t have a brewing station available, don’t give up! It is really easy to build it. All you need to do is mix one Blaze rod and three units of crushed stone in the crafting grid of a workbench. As you know they are easy to find materials, because the Blazes to kill are everywhere, not to mention the

cobblestones. Once you’ve got yourself the brewing station it’s time to stock your trunk with the items needed for distillation. First we will need a bottle to keep the potion safe. To obtain it also in this case the procedure is simple and fast. Lay out a workbench on the ground and insert three glass units into the crafting grid. Here you will get a beautiful ampoule as if by magic!

Now go ahead and get a Nether wart. The Nether wart is nothing more than a reddish plant that grows along the steps of the Nether fortresses. It is very easy to recognize and you will only need one unit. Then run to get a carrot in some village near you and combine it with eight gold nuggets on a workbench. In this way you will get a golden carrot that you will necessarily need to get the potion.

It is certainly expensive as a step, but considering that the potion could be very useful for your survival in Minecraft, the game is worth the candle! Remember that you can get plenty of gold nuggets by killing the Nether Pig Zombies! Once this is done, get a fermented spider eye by combining one unit of brown mushroom, one unit of sugar and one spider eye on a workbench. Last but not least, you need Blaze Powder, which is easily obtained by inserting a Blaze rod into the crafting grid. Then I recommend that you also get some redstone dust to get a potion whose effect will last almost triple the time! Now that you finally have all the ingredients available, you can move on to the next step.

STEP 2: Fill the cruet with water and use the brewing station

We are almost there! Now take the cruet and go to the nearest water source you find nearby. You will see the bottle fill with water immediately. Water is the basic building block for any potion in Minecraft, even the invisibility potion. Once this is done, move on to using the still: place it carefully in flat terrain and right-click. A particular grid will open, called “distillation”. Now place the ampoule you filled with water in the lower left square, then the Nether wart in the upper square and finally a unit of blaze powder in the block of the fuel in the upper left corner. The down arrow on the right will begin to turn white, signaling the start of the distillation process.

Once the distillation is complete you will get a “strange potion”. Now take the golden carrot and place it in the square where you previously inserted the wart. This will give you the Night Vision

Potion. We have almost reached the final goal. All you have to do is always place the fermented spider eye in the same square at the top and finally you will have obtained the invisibility potion! Strong right? Remember that its effect will last exactly three minutes. If you want a potion that lasts up to eight minutes then use the redstone powder by doing an extra step before inserting the fermented spider eye. In this way you will get an extended night vision potion that will last longer and the same will happen when you go to transform it into a potion of invisibility through the fermented spider eye. Isn’t it really that simple? What are you waiting for then? Test yourself now! It’s beautiful.

All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel