19 Best Minecraft Beach House Ideas 2024

There are several exciting things available in Minecraft. And included in this list are the endless possibilities that the game offers. For example, in addition to crafting various items that are present in the real world, you can also create an amazing beach house for yourself.

These beach houses come in different designs, and making one for your daily adventures is a fun activity to engage in. In this article, there are 19 best Minecraft beach house ideas for you to choose from. They all come in several shapes and sizes, so you would be able to find one that would be a perfect fit.

1. Pier Beach House

This traditional beach house is right by the ocean and has a classic design that fits perfectly with the island theme. Made from spruce, acacia, and jungle planks, the beach house has a sturdy base and an equally strong structure. There’s a pathway that also leads to the house and is furnished with several brightly lit lanterns, which serve as an excellent light source during nightfall. It would also protect the player from dangerous mobs known to lurk in the darkness. Additionally, because the beach house is in the ocean, you can expand on the existing structure anytime you wish to.

2. Tropical Island Beach House 

When you think of parties by the beach and a cool villa to reside in afterward, this tropical island beach house is one that ticks these boxes. It comes with a mansion-style layout, and there are several planks that are placed at strategic points to hold the house above water. Furthermore, the rooms in the house are spacious and can house the owner of the house alongside some invited guests.

3. Small Wood Beach House

If you want a beach house that is small and easy to build. Then, this is one that you should definitely check out. This building is a charming cottage by the water, and there is a space included outdoors where you can sit and enjoy the views. To craft this house, you would need cobblestones, glass panes, birch fences, dark oak slabs, jungle trapdoors, and acacia pressure plates, among other items. As for the interior, you would need varieties of vegetation to brighten up the space and make it a lively one to stay in. Some of them are lilacs, ferns, azure bluet, acacia sapling, oak sapling, orange turnips, blue orchids, and other flowering plants.

4. Small Beach Shack 

This beach shack has an uncomplicated design, and the materials used to make it can be found without much stress. If you are looking for an easy beach house that will not take a lot of time to craft, you should consider making this one yourself. The shack’s interior has a furnace, a bedroom, a compost area, some flowering plants to enliven the space, storage chests, and several other features. One attractive aspect of the house is the beautiful views you can get from the wide windows close to the beachside.

5. Teal Beach House

This teal-coloured beach house is a major stand-out piece, and the design blends harmoniously with the beach location. Using this layout, there will be a touch of teal colour in every aspect of the house, from the roof to the interior and the lounge beds placed close to the ocean. The whole framework of the building has a stylish touch, and the house looks amazing against the cool blue waves of the sea.

6. Modern Beach House 

Modern designs always bring this classical feel, and this beach house does exactly that. The building comes in two stories, and each section of it is spacious and has a minimalist touch, so it is not cluttered with different items. The use of smooth quartz, white concrete, and spruce planks makes the foundation and the outline of the house attractive to see. As a finishing touch, there’s a balcony on the rooftop, which you can use to relax and see the complete layout of the ocean.

7. White Modern Beach House

This elegant modern beach house has three areas clustered to form one. The build is made mostly of white concrete for the base and even the main sections. Other materials used to make this house include stone blocks, sandstones, sea lanterns, black stained glass, acacia, and jungle doors. The design of the house also features a beautiful pool by the side as well as a wide porch on the rooftop, which you can use for star gazing.

8. Stone and Wood Beach House

As the name implies, this house’s major components are stone and wood, and although the house design is basic, it is also very functional. Instead of by the seafront, this house is built right on top of the ocean. Sturdy planks are used to raise the build and keep it in place while you focus on crafting the other features of the beach house. It also contains a walkway that is adorned with sea lanterns. The building list includes blackstone, sandstone, quartz or white concrete, spruce wood, and glass panes.

9. Seashore House 

This seashore house describes summer perfectly. While the layout of the house is impressive, it also requires a lot of time for a player to build. However, if you are bored with easy builds and require a bit of a challenge, this beach house would be a preferred option. Some of the materials used to craft this house are oak planks and trapdoors, red concrete, cyan concrete, red wool, beds, red and white carpets, spruce fences and logs, andersite walls, and various other items. If this house sounds like the one for you, gather the required materials, find a location close to the water and start building.

10. Easy Fishing Hut

Made majorly of wood, this fishing hut is not a complex one to make. The layout of the hut works better if it is crafted by the side of a beach that does not have a flat floor. This building also has a boating dock and a lounge area where beds are placed side by side. All the features that this hut has makes it a good relaxation spot after a tiring day of adventures. Furthermore, you can use the house as a site for catching flying fish and also use the boats to get acquainted with the area.

11. Cool Modern Beach House

A modern house on the water is a wonderful thing to have, and this one is surrounded by beautiful palm trees making the area and the buildings all the more lifelike. The steps leading up to the house and major building areas are made entirely of white concrete, and the interior décor features a stunning dining area cozy by the well-lit fireplace. There’s also an indoor pool, a storage area, and other spaces you can customize for different functions. To top it all, this building is not cramped, and it also has a very relaxing atmosphere.

12. Boat House

Shaped like a boat, this beach house is also built on water. It has a very creative layout and is relatively easy to build because of the number of materials that are required. The house also doesn’t require expensive furnishings, and you would just need a few items for survival. As a Minecraft player starting out, this boat house is a good fit. The platform for the house is made first, which keeps the building secure and prevents it from toppling over.

13. Starter Seashore House

This starter seashore house describes summertime. It is a perfect vacation home, and the size of it is not too towering or too small. To build it, you would need some glass panes, oak blocks, leaves, white concrete, etc. There are also some white and red banners that are set by the wall of the building. These vibrant colours brighten the environment and bring a unique décor to this starter house. Additionally, some hanging vegetation around brings a natural touch to the building and rounds it up as an ideal beach house.

14. Survival Beach Home 

This beach home will not take long to craft because of its minimalist structure. Although the house layout focuses less on aesthetics, you can still reside in the building and use the spaces to relax and store your belongings. Unlike other beach houses on this list that focuses more on fun activities, this one has a small farm right in the building, and you can use that to plant different crops which would serve as a source of food. Furthermore, you can also make a small animal pen close to the farm.

15. Exotic Beach House

For an exotic beach house, the layout of this building is not complex. The simple alternating black and white colours help to make the house stand out and also offer a calm ambience that many players of Minecraft would want. The materials that you would need to craft this are as follows: Birch fence, stained glass, jungle wood slab, smooth quartz, stone block, stone stairs, e.t.c.

In line with its exotic theme, this build is aesthetically pleasing and an elegant place to stay in. Flowering plants are placed in certain areas of the house, and they help to add colour to the monotone setting.

16. Island Beach House 

Located on a small island, this house is one to have if you want a break from crowds and the busyness that comes with living in an area that is easily accessible. This beach house comes with a dock that you can use to keep your boats, a lounge area that is close to the water, an outdoor dining place, crafting stations, etc. As you build on the island, you can customize the spaces to fit the functions you want. You can also expand your building at any time by adding a feature to it that you previously forgot.

17. Fishing Shack 

This shack can be built by the seashore and also by the beach. There is a dock for boats that is made alongside the shack. This would prevent you from getting stranded in a spot and help transport you to and from the house. Also, the fishing shack is surrounded by hanging shrubs and beautiful flowers, and there are lanterns around as well. All of these contribute to creating a charming atmosphere inside and outside the house.

18. Beach Hut 

If your preference is a small house by the water and you don’t want to be bothered by complex designs or sourcing for a large number of building materials. Then, building this beach hut would be a better option for you. This build is also functional because you would have an animal pen as well as a farm for growing various crops. What’s more, with these two listed spaces used for providing food, wool, and other items, the beach hut proves to be a house that provides shelter and other important basic needs. The tutorial by NeonKKN shows a detailed step-by-step video that would aid any player who wishes to create this beach hut in Minecraft.

19. Beach Cabin 

This cabin is cozy and contains everything you need in a house. The décor for the exterior is nothing fancy, but it is still well detailed with the available spaces used for various functions. The material list for building this cabin includes oak and spruce blocks, spruce planks, lanterns, hanging shrubs, and storage chests, among other useful items. The Youtuber Zay pixel, who came up with this design, also has a tutorial video that explains step-by-step how you can build a beach cabin of your own. Although this cabin is located by the water, you can also recreate it in other biomes and still come up with an amazing building.