29 Best Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas in 2022

Various house designs are available in Minecraft. However, the cottagecore style is one to watch out for. A cottagecore house is beautiful to look at, and it comes with features like a lovely garden and simple designs that are both homely and comfortable.

Typically, cottagecore houses have unique layouts, and the buildings are often one story. If you are unsure of where to start when building yours, then you’re at the right place. This article comes with a list that has up to 29 best Minecraft cottage core house ideas in 2022.

1. Birch Cottagecore House

While building this house, getting the multiple blocks needed for it is a bit straightforward. This is because the items used can be found around easily. Before building, you would have to stock up some granite, crafting tables, planks and other necessary items to make the work faster. Also, the Birch Cottagecore House has an old-fashioned bookshelf, spacious rooms and old-fashioned lanterns that make it a relaxing environment.

2. Mossy Cottage

The design of this cottage makes it a top pick for lovers of nature. The cottage is decorated with green leaves and mosses, all done up in an appealing way. But that’s not all; you would need fences, stairs, moss blocks etc. and a lot of flowering materials to make the house stand out as an exceptional moss cottage. The interior is also comfortable, and there are chimneys and lampposts around each corner, giving the building a magical presence.

3. English Cottage

Although this cottage requires specific materials to build, it is actually worth the effort in the end. The English cottage is crafted with fancy stone bricks, white wool, crafting tables, and plants, among other items. All of these lead up to an aesthetically pleasing house that welcomes you with sturdy cobblestone stairs and airy indoor spaces.

4. Autumn Cottage

This house displays autumn to the fullest. It has a combination of deep reds, light yellow and orange that adds up to make the building a tribute to the autumn season. In addition, the cottage is made with a lot of dark oaks, planks and strong bricks. There’s a kitchen, rooms with wooden floors and a fireplace to keep you warm and comfortable. Outside, the autumn cottage is just as attractive; the hues of red complement the vines and overhead lanterns around the house.

5. Large Spruce Cottage

The large spruce cottage is bigger than the regular cottages and can house two or more players in survival mode. It is made from cobblestones, dark oak panels and a host of other materials. There’s also a fireplace lounge in the house, a stable in the backyard and an enviable garden. These features provide a soothing atmosphere.

6. Strawberry Cottage

As the name implies, the strawberry cottage is as pretty as the fruit itself. The house is quite easy to make, and it is durable as well. You would start with a base of jungle wood while you build it and bring out the texture of the walls with jungle planks. The sides of the roof covered in moss bring that natural touch. Finally, the cottage is topped off with red wool, which gives it the likeness of a strawberry.

7. Elegant Cottage

This cottage has a classy layout, making it a worthy house to craft. The décor combines well-laid bricks and a cream finish that showcases it as an attractive house. It also has lots of space in it, so you would be able to explore your house without feeling like you’re boxed in a tiny corner. But, that’s not all; the cottage has impressive surroundings that make you feel as if you landed headfirst into nature. There are different types of vibrant flowers, hanging vines and a beautiful garden around the house.

8. Brick Cottage

Even though brick cottages can be commonplace, there are ways to spice them up and make them your own. This brick cottage is specially designed and comes with its rooftop and walls reinforced with red bricks. It also comprises a well-crafted chimney. Alongside this, some vegetation and flowers are also available, giving the cottage a rustic feel that goes along with the classic pattern of a brick cottage.

9. Cozy Cottage

With a simple and easy-to-follow tutorial on designing this cozy cottage, it is fast becoming a favorite house for Minecraft players. The cottage is made with logs and stone bricks that are placed side by side until you achieve the desired height that you want your building to be. Finally, flowers and grass blocks are put around the rooftops. The end result is a house that is restful and warm for you to just relax after an adventure-filled day.

10. Small Cottagecore House

This small cottagecore house has pleasant features that make it a delight to build. You would need chests, barrels, an armor stand, a blast furnace and other important items to build your cottage. Furnishings like paintings and dandelions are also visible inside the house, and even with the small size, you can still store your major belongings comfortably in this cottage. The surroundings are not left out as the house has a clean-cut garden with colourful vegetation that showcases an interesting picture to a visitor or whoever resides in the cottage.

11. Small Brick Cottage

This is another cottage that makes use of red bricks. The house has distinct coloured bricks plastered on the wall as well as the roof. Furthermore, it has a stocked library, flower garden, fancy chimney and roses by the side of the house. The whole setup makes the cottage more homely and a sort of private haven for anyone who builds it.

12. Large Cozy Cottage

This cottage takes comfort to a higher level. It comes in a two-story building and is large enough for you to have visitors. You can craft this large cozy cottage with spruce planks, slabs and stairs. Also, nice old-fashioned windows are included, which gives the cottage a rustic vibe.

13. Survival Cottage

This is a good place to start if you’re a newbie just trying out your building skills. The small starter house provides a simple design that has cobblestones and crafting tables in it. Furthermore, the cottage contains everything that would make one user comfortable. You can begin with this before exploring other complex designs.

14. Aesthetic Cozy House

This is another cozy cottage on the list that is designed differently. It is made from different materials such as white terracotta, oak fences, oak gates and staircases, cobblestone, oak slabs, trap doors and many more. The result is an exquisitely designed space that gives you the peace you seek after a busy day of exploring.

15. Spruce Wood Cottage

For all fans of spruce wood items, this is definitely a cottage that you should look at and build. You would need a lot of spruce elements such as stairs, plank, wood, leaves, fancy lanterns etc. All these build up to a sturdy house. However, there’s no central garden in this cottage, only some blocks of leaves that are used to add a pop of color to the environment.

16. Honeycomb Cottage

The honeycomb cottage has a stunning design, and the roof is made with actual honeycombs. The house also has its apiary where you can keep your honey bees and monitor them. In addition, it is also spacious and cozy, and you will enjoy the ambience after you’re done constructing it.

17. Fairyhouse

The Fairyhouse comes with a lot of plant decorations. From draping upside-down leaves to brightly colored flowers. If you love nature, this is a cottage that you would enjoy. The house is also airy, with a lounge area and rooms to relax in. Alongside these properties, the house is crafted with glow stone, iron bars, moss block, white wool, dark oak wood and other necessary items. If you’re interested in building this cottage, watch the tutorial, and you’ll soon be on your way to crafting your own fairy house.

18. Tower House

This tower house would require work and patience if you’re to build it. The items needed for the construction include dark prismarine, oxidized cut copper, white stained glass, oak wood, spruce etc. The result of the combination of these materials is a cottage that is delightful to look at and live in.

19. Two Player Mushroom Cottage

Even though it is called a mushroom cottage, the space and décor of this house are anything but small. To build the house, you would need birch planks and sandstone to help craft the walls nicely. Brown and grey stained glass are also used to add elegance to your cottage.

20. Cozy Survival Cottage

This cozy cottage can be built while you are in survival mode. Although it contains a large room that has bookshelves installed, there’s also an indoor garden present as well. The garden has various collections of flowers and hanging shrubs, all placed neatly in different sections of the room. It takes approximately three hours to build, but you have to gather the materials needed beforehand so that you would be able to craft your survival cottage without any distractions.

21. Fairy Underground House

If you ever wanted an underground abode in Minecraft. Then this is your chance to build one. The fairy underground house contains everything you would need. Only in this case, the cottage is hidden and below the ground. The building can be your private place away from the day’s adventures. Lanterns and glow berries are also available as light sources around the cottage.

22. Aesthetic Tiny House

Are you on the lookout for a tiny house in Minecraft that is cute and easy to build? The tiny aesthetic cottage is the one for you as it ticks all those boxes. It is also a building with a small picket fence and an elegant kitchen coupled with adorable furnishings like overhead lanterns and flowering plants.

23. Mangrove Starter Cottage

This starter cottage is mostly built in the savannah biomes, and sometimes it is close to the ocean. The location is necessary because you would need the mangrove trees to get wood for the building of the cottage. The house’s foundation is made in the water, and then the rest of the cottage is above. So, the result is a whimsical house that is present right in the middle of the ocean.

24. Tiny Overgrown Cottage

This tiny overgrown cottage is another option to consider if you want to live in a cozy building. It is surrounded by a lot of plants, leaves and colorful flowers and has walls made of cobblestone. What’s more, spruce planks are also used to add texture to the roof and other sections of the house.

25. Fairy Garden Tiny Cottage

Here, Minecraft offers you the opportunity to create your very own garden cottage with a sprinkle of fairy dust. The cottage is a bit unusual as it is covered by draping plants on the roof, but it has other attractive features like quaint windows, a bedroom and bookshelves all arranged in a very cozy space.

26. Fairy Witch Tiny House

This tiny house comes with a witchy vibe that has an effect on the designs. The colors used have drab tones, and the roofing is also made with dark oak planks. Other materials used to build include soul sand, wither skull, cauldron, nether quartz, ender chest, light blue stained glass for windows etc.

27. Cozy Cottagecore Bread Starter House

A house and a bakery are a match made in Minecraft heaven, and this bread starter house has both included in its design. This homely cottage is made in the shape of bread and can serve as a bakery as well if it is constructed close to a wheat farm.

28. Mushroom House

This house is made in awe-inspiring colors. Although it is a small building that has an adorable mythical quality, it can also serve as a restful abode for you. To create this house, you must get some quality items, including a batch of smooth quartz, mycelium blocks and red mushrooms. Oak planks and staircases are also found in the list of building materials.

29. Cottagecore Frog House

Adding this house to your collection can be a fun way to pass the time. However, the cottage is made using the colors of a frog. So, if that’s not your thing, the house might not be a good fit for you. Everything is in a shade of green, and it comprises of green wool and concrete, among other essential building materials.