How to make a Potion of Strength in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Potion of Strength in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Let’s face it! Playing Minecraft trying to defeat all the monstrous mobs that come before us is not one of the simplest things you can do. There are countless enemy creatures that try to kill us and sometimes have enormous strength … It would be nice to be able to increase your resistance in the face of enemy attacks, even just enough to survive. Thank God this possibility exists and how.

In fact, Minecraft provides the player with a little help that can increase, and not a little, their strength against the great enemies we have to fight. You understood well! In particular, it is a potion called a “potion of strength”. This magical concoction is very strong and very very useful in case of violent clashes as it is a distillate that must be drunk when you need to increase your energy to counterattack and resist enemy clashes. In particular, the potion of strength increases the damage in melee by three units resulting in an exponential increase in strength to 130% for a maximum duration of three minutes, which however can also be extended up to eight as happens for many other potions in the world of Minecraft. .

Do you realize what a great advantage this potion can provide you with? These three minutes of increased fighting ability will make you strong enough to destroy any evil mob while disappointing all who want to harm you. You understand well that this is really a great advantage and it would be stupid not to take advantage of it knowing all the great virtues. In this guide, therefore, I want to show you in a simple step by step how this magical potion of strength is distilled in order to make your life easier and allow you to face even the toughest challenges. Follow the steps I describe carefully and you too will learn how easy it is to distil this potion in the end. You will not regret! So let’s get started right away and get to work. Let’s start!

Here there are materials needed to create a potion of strength in Minecraft:

Cruet X 1
Brewing Station X 1
Nether Wart X 1
Blaze Powder X 2

STEP 1: Get the materials

First you must equip yourself with all the tools and materials necessary for the distillation of the potion. First of all, get yourself a brewing station. The brewing station is a fundamental machine because it will be able to distill you a magnificent potion thanks to fuel and simple water with the addition of some other ingredients. To get it, if you are in survival mode, don’t worry! It is one of the simplest operations that exist. Just lay out a workbench in the ground and insert three units of crushed stone and a rod of Blaze into the crafting grid. Once this is done, collect the still and place it on the ground, ready to be used. Now think about getting yourself an ampoule.

In the crafting grid, insert three units of glass blocks and collect the crafted cruet in your chest. Finally get a wart by entering the Nether portal and looking for it among its fortresses or stairs. Also have two units of Blaze powder on hand that will serve as brewing station fuel but also as an ingredient. As you know, it is easily obtained by starting from a Blaze rod and inserting it into the central manufacturing grid of the workbench which in this way will give you back two units. At this point, once you have everything you need, you are ready to move on to the next step. So follow the instructions carefully and everything will turn out perfectly.

STEP 2: Fill the ampoule with water

As you know, to make any potion in the world of Minecraft, a natural element very present in the world of Minecraft is necessary and essential: water. The water will be the basis of your potion of strength and will allow you to first obtain the “strange potion” and then at a later stage the “potion of strength”. All you have to do then is to look for a river or a pond, but also the shore of a beach and fill the cruet that you have generated using the three units of glass blocks with plain water. Once this phase is completed, all the ingredients of the potion are available to us!

STEP 3: Use the brewing station

We are almost there. Now get ready to use the brewing station. Approach it and right click. A particular grid will open for you in which to go to insert fuel and distillation materials of the potion. First, insert the cruet that you filled with water into the small square at the bottom left. Then place the Nether wart in the top central square. Finally, insert a unit of Blaze powder as brewing station fuel in the separate square on the top left. You will see a down arrow turn white until a sound indicates that distillation has taken place.

At this point you will have obtained the “strange potion” Now to obtain the potion of strength insert in the central square at the top a unit of blaze powder which this time will act not only as fuel but also as an ingredient in all respects. You will see the white arrow update again until you see the completion of the distillation! And here you have a magnificent three-minute potion of strength at your disposal! Is not it fantastic? Now you just have to try your hand in a bloody battle and test all its beneficial effects. Seeing is believing!

Additional Notes

However, remember that you can always increase the potion’s potency! In this case, if you want to get a potion that lasts eight minutes instead of three, insert the redstone powder in the top center square and carry out a further distillation. When the brewing station is done, you will have a potion in your hands that will last a good eight minutes. An eternity in Mineraft! Not bad huh?

All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel