19 Best Minecraft Animal Farm Desing Ideas in 2022

Having animals in Minecraft means that you have to ensure that they’re protected and well cared for. Keeping them in an adequately maintained farm will only help in the long run, and, in case you’re wondering, no one said that these farms had to be the shabby kind.

Additionally, many farm designs are available to create an aesthetically pleasing building that would complement your surroundings. In this article, there are over 19 Minecraft animal farm desing ideas. So, read on and find the best fit for you and your mobs.

1. Compact Cow Farm

Making your own compact cow farm is quite easy once you have the items needed to build it. These items include some blocks, stairs, slabs and even a water bucket. Furthermore, for this farm to be ready to use, you are required to have 24 cows and then safely breed them for use in other activities. Also, the farm’s layout does not require a large space, making it a good place to start your animal farm collection.

2. Chicken Coop

This chicken coop keeps your chickens safe, and it is a nice option to have when you need a place to store a growing population of chickens. The design of the building also makes it a delightful one to have. In addition, the coop would take time to make, so try and get the precise measurements to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

Some of the things you need for this build are a large chest for collecting eggs, water buckets and bales of hay for food, planks and fences to prevent the chickens from escaping from the coop and other necessary items listed in the tutorial video. If you construct it well, you would be able to breed your chickens and increase their numbers in a short amount of time.

3. Simple Animal Farm

The animal farm explained here can be used to house different herds that you have available. Therefore, it provides a good starter pack if you’re a newbie in farming. The farm is also spacious, and you should be able to oversee the groups of animals without going through much stress. In addition, this animal farm covers a large area of land, so it might take longer to craft than the other types listed in this article.

4. Traditional Red Barn

This red barn has all the features that make it a top choice. First, it is a comfortable area for keeping your animals and is even more useful when you build it beside your farm. A light source is also available at night to protect the animals that reside within the barn. What’s more, the sections of the barn are separated to accommodate the several types of animals that would be sheltered in it.

5. Automatic Hoglin Barn

You might be wondering why a Hoglin barn is being created in the first place. But this is not just a barn. It is also a food farm that generates over 1700 cooked porkchop and 200+ leather per hour. With these benefits, it is advisable to invest in building your automatic hoglin barn in Minecraft.

The food farm is crafted in dark, earthy colors and is made in the crimson forest biome. This location is important because of the presence of the warped fungus mushrooms. You would need them as materials to help you build this barn.

6. Large Wooden Barn for All Animals

This large wooden barn is very beginner friendly. It is made mostly of wood and can be built in several locations because of its durability. But that’s not all. This barn provides shelter to all kinds of animals in Minecraft, such as cows, sheep, pigs etc. In addition, the design of the barn makes it a comfortable place to keep your herds. Some materials used to build the barn are oak logs, stripped birch wood and spruce planks.

7. Pig Farm

Although this farm is specific for pigs, it can also be expanded to include other animals. The layout of the farm makes it easy to build and the materials needed are not hard to come by as well. If you want to breed your pigs in a safe space, you should consider watching the tutorial attached and building this farm. It is certain to save you from a lot of stressful situations. What’s more, it comes with wide spaces allocated to each animal.

8. Cow Pen

Cows are important animals that are used for beef and milk. And so, crafting a pen to breed them is a no-brainer at this point. What you would need to make this pen is mostly wood which means that the materials can be found easily and in large quantities.

Making the layout, designing the pen and building it would take a maximum of thirty minutes. If building this is one of your many interests, you can start by watching the tutorial attached to this article.

9. Colored Sheep Pen

Like cows, sheep are also a good investment to have. They provide food, and their wool has been used to make carpets, craft decorations and even build houses.

In this pen, the sheep are sorted based on their color. Therefore, if you have sheep of different colors, you can organize them by placing the animals in different sections. In addition, the pen is quite large and can accommodate many sheep.

10. The Indoor/Outdoor Barn

This indoor/outdoor barn is not restricted to just one type of animal. It can house different herds, but you would construct partitions that would separate them and prevent any undue accidents.

To build this, you need oak leaves, trapdoors, wood, spruce fence, stairs and slabs, and white glass, among other items. This barn is also aesthetically pleasing and can be placed close to your home for you to monitor your herds. Having additional light sources is advised as well. The design provided in this tutorial solves the issue by placing overhead lanterns and torches in all the sections of the barn.

11. Spruce side Barn

This spruce-side barn has a lot of advantages associated with it. First is the intricate design that it comes with. The flooring gives it a rustic vibe, and there are areas where you can store hay and other food for your herds as they grow and breed.

To sum it all up, the barn is an organized space providing cover for different animals. In addition, it would protect them from bad weather and enemy mobs that can hurt them. Watch the tutorial attached to find the complete list of materials used to make this barn.

12. Aesthetic Barn

While building this barn, you have to keep in mind that it would require patience and getting the correct materials. The Youtuber Lenny Random made the barn to fit a maximum of six animals.

The design is also impressive as several sections of the barn are worth admiring. When you build this, you would have a place to store hay bales, a spacious pen with grass that the animals can roam in freely after being kept indoors and a quaint sign at the very entrance of the barn. Additionally, the barn is also a durable one as its walls are made of granite and solid red bricks.

13. Automatic Chicken Farm

This farm is fully automatic and would need at least 24 chickens to be efficient. With this, you would be able to collect eggs from your chickens without too much fuss, a dispenser would be used to gather the eggs, and you can choose to spawn it to a fully grown chicken or just leave it as it is.

The items you would use to make this chicken farm include red stone, building blocks, slabs, observers, hoppers, chests and dispensers. If you’re able to acquire these materials, you can start the journey of building your automatic chicken farm.

14. Utilitarian Barn and Pen

The design of this barn is basic, but it gets the job done as well as the other options on this list. Although the space is smaller and can house only three different animals, the utilitarian barn also contains a side yard with water and hay for your herds to feed on.

It is best described as a starter barn because of these features. And that makes it a good fit for newbies who are getting used to Minecraft builds. Included in the design is a roof that has some lanterns installed. This provides light for the animals and for you to check up on them at different times.

15. Chicken Hutch

If you want an egg farm that is functional and aesthetically pleasing, then this should be your choice. This farm was designed with the comfort of the chickens and the pet owner in mind.

This farm contains a yard that chickens can play around in, a big chest that you can store the eggs from the animals, and then there are flower gardens on the floor and the roof. All these features make this chicken hutch have a classic design.

16. Horse Farm

When looking for a place where your horses can be well taken care of, this should be an option that you should consider. The horse farm is very spacious and has the necessary facilities to groom your horses.

The barn’s exterior has bonus points like a walking trail to help your horses exercise, an arena for show jumping and another for barrel racing, and that’s not all. The interior of the farm is even more elegant, and there are features like different pens for each horse, large widows that are intricately designed and the presence of fancy glow stones and tall fences to protect the animals.

17. Cottagecore Barn

This cottagecore barn has the look of an elegant house. It is beautifully designed, and the décor is simple yet classy. It was specifically crafted with the animals’ comfort in mind and spaces for them to roam about.

Several lanterns are present both outside and inside the barn to prevent dangerous mobs from attacking your herds. In addition, the materials used to build this barn can be obtained without much stress. Some of them are oak wood, cobblestone, copper and painted glass.

18. Automatic Sheep Farm

On this farm, everything is powered automatically. It is time-saving because you could just set things to operate independently and continue with your other activities. The sheep are first placed in their boxes, and when they’re grown, the wool is sheared off by the machine and the different colors of the wool are then sorted out.

Another good thing about this farm is that it can expand as you acquire more sheep. To build this, you would need blocks of grass for the sheep to feed on, a dispenser, shears, glass boxes, red stone dust, an observer, hoppers, chests and many other items. The major downside of building this farm is the time you would spend gathering the materials needed. However, when you look at the final result, you’ll realize it is worth the wait.

19. Survival-friendly Cow Farm

This cow farm is easy to build and can house up to twenty-four (24) cows at once. This limit can be expanded if you have additional animals and spaces. Next, are the materials used to build this farm; they can also be obtained easily. They include different textures of blocks, hoppers, chests, healthy cows and a spruce fence to prevent the cows from leaving the farm.

For food, wheat and a water bucket are available for the cows. They would have to eat to be able to breed new calves. To start with this operation, your farm should have a minimum of two cows. The population can increase from there. But for this to happen, you have to be a diligent farm owner. In addition, the layout of the farm is made in a way that you would be able to access your herds and check if they are growing correctly. Having this option would ensure that your farm is working at an optimal rate.