20 Best Minecraft Small House Ideas 2024

Small houses in Minecraft are cute spaces for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful ambience surrounding them. There are several types available for you to make in Minecraft, and the possibilities that come with owning one are endless.

Although there are many of these small houses already, it is not always easy to find new and unique designs. This is where this article becomes a helpful asset. Included here is a list of 20 best Minecraft small house ideas. These options are spread out over different biomes, and their complex levels range from difficult to really easy ones. Read on to find out which would be the better fit for you.

1. Aesthetic Tiny House 

This house design is quite easy to do. The entire build layout occupies a small area, but the end result is a quaint cottage that has everything that a house requires. The items used to craft it are as follows: upside-down oak stairs, stone bricks, stripped oak logs, oak slabs, cobblestone walls, oak fences, etc. For a small house, it also has different types of greenery, from creeping bushes to brightly coloured flowers. All of these add up to give the place a unique appeal, making it a welcome abode to whoever builds it.

2. Cozy Cabin 

A cozy cabin in the woods sounds like the way to go if you want to build a small house. This house is a better option for those who like privacy because it is a bit isolated from busy villages and enemy mobs. To build the house, you would need polished andersite, spruce slabs, andersite walls, stripped dark oak logs, stone slabs, glass panes, a furnace, anvil, chests, and flower pots, among other important materials. The cabin features an exterior that is majorly wooden, while the inside of the house is built with bricks. In addition, a cute fireplace and a store and enchantment room are also available, making it well equipped for your primary needs.

3. Tiny House 

This tiny Japanese house is quaint as well as functional. Added to that, the house is also not hard to build. The design is a mix of both sturdy wood and whitewashed walls, which makes the layout an elegant one. The Youtuber that brought about this Japanese build explains how to build it in a well-detailed video. So, if this tiny house looks like a property you wish to own in Minecraft, you can go ahead to click on the tutorial and make one for yourself.

4. Starter Boat House 

This starter boat house is biome specific and contains things that a Minecraft user would need in a house. Imagine a small boat house located in the middle of the sea. The foundation has to be placed underwater for the build to be steady above it. Because it is a small house, only the basic rooms are made. The boat house features a bedroom, crafting station, a crafting table, a furnace, and various lanterns to provide security to the occupants of the house.

5. Fantasy Cottage

As a fantasy cottage, this build comes with unique colours and an elvish style that is present in the interior and exterior parts of the house. To create yours, you would need to get these items: spruce and oak logs, stone bricks, walls, oak planks and stairs, buttons, etc. In addition, to make the house’s exterior more visually appealing, white wool and prismarine stairs are combined, which help to create a magical atmosphere. Finally, vegetation, such as flowers and overhead grasses, are placed at different points to complete the design of the house.

6. Survival Igloo

This survival igloo is a small house built in a Minecraft world that has snow. The items needed are biome specific, so you would have to be in the location first before crafting anything. For this build, you would need snow blocks, spruce logs, stairs, slabs, oak logs, trap doors, a campfire, cobblestone stairs, walls, etc. Additionally, the dimensions to make this are pretty straightforward. This article includes a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions that can be used to build this igloo.

7. Hobbit Hole 

You would need a suitable hill to build this hobbit hole. Once you are able to find one, you have to grade the walls with a lot of sandstone. This would make the rest of the house easier to build. Materials needed to create this hobbit hole include orange terracotta, brick stairs, flowering azalea leaves, sand, stone, furnaces, oak planks, crafting tables, smoker, spruce logs and planks, lanterns, etc. The house also has a mini garden sustained by underground water. All these features ensure that the hobbit hole is sufficient for whoever resides in it.

8. Pastel Modern House

This house is simple to make and contains a kitchen, bedroom, and dining room which would be enough for a single player. The outer part of this house is made of white and pink terracotta, which makes the building pleasing to look at. Additionally, the items to build are not needed in large quantities, and they include the following: grass blocks, birch trapdoor, smooth quartz stairs, birch planks, birch doors, gray stained glass panes, etc. All of these contribute to making this build very modern and easy to live in.

9. Small Tower House

This compact build is sure to serve as a shelter and would keep you protected from enemy mobs and opponents you might encounter while playing the game. The tower house is just one storey and has a small bedroom, an upper room space where you can check your surroundings, and other small compartments that can be used for different functions. Furthermore, lanterns are placed around the house to provide steady light and keep the base secure.

10. Compact House

Although this house is a cozy one, it also contains several beautiful features that make it a nice building to have. Examples of these features are a well-crafted glass exterior, a small garden bedroom, and an interior design that makes you feel welcome. In addition, the whole layout of this compact house is a very minimalistic one, and it doesn’t require so many materials for you to set it up. This makes it the best fit for those who want to build a small house and doesn’t want it to become a challenging task.

11. Winter Cabin

If you stumble into a snow biome while playing Minecraft, then having this winter cabin would come in handy. The building is made mostly of spruce wood, with features like a smoking chimney, lanterns, and beautiful vegetation around it. The cabin is very cozy and does not require a lot of resources to build, making it a good choice for Minecraft players who are starting out. In addition, the interior of this building is adequately decorated with a fireplace and rooms for relaxation.

12. Cave House 

A house inside a cave is definitely an adventure, and the one listed here represents that. To build this cave house, you would need the following: Splash potion for night vision which would enable you to see inside the cave properly, stripped oak wood, stripped spruce planks, spruce stairs, spruce slabs, and spruce trap doors, among other items. When you step into the house, you will see a bedroom, storage spaces, a kitchen, small plants by the corner, a room where books are kept, and various lanterns that help to ensure that the cave house is adequately lit.

13. Birch Starter House

The cream colour of the birch planks helps to give this house a unique design. Among the items used to build it, there’s also oak wood, which presents an attractive contrast with the birch. For the exterior, there are stairs leading into the main house, flowers, and a mini garden that you can use to farm different crops. Furthermore, the video tutorial that explains how to craft this house is well detailed, which would make it easy for you if you choose to go ahead with building it.

14. Small Modern House 

Although this modern house is not very large, it is a preferred choice for those who stay alone and just need space for their possessions. Added to that, the place is visually appealing and has attractive furnishings, such as a glass box on the first floor which makes it classy and elegant. Not just a mere aesthetic build, it is also useful for storing your belongings and has its exterior made majorly of grey concrete and white quartz.

15. Underwater Dome

If you ever wanted to craft an underwater build that doesn’t include too many rooms and is not very challenging to build. Then this is definitely one that you should look out for. It contains an enchanting room, a storage area, beds, and other essential items. The décor of the dome is very minimalist and is not at all complex to achieve. A major part of the dome, especially the exterior, is made of glass covers, and that gives a unique feel to the underwater dome.

16. Survival House 

This survival house comes with spaces that you can use for several functions. Although it is small, it contains most of the features you would need to carry out your activities in Minecraft. To build this, you would need two main items: cobblestone and oak planks. In addition, this house has airy spaces, and you would be able to store your possessions securely. There’s also a nether portal in the house for transport as well as an enchantment table. All these features make this build an exciting one to own.

17. Medieval House 

Crafting this house is a preferable option for beginners who are looking to brush up on their building skills. This medieval house is built with a simple layout, and the Youtuber who came up with the design made an easy-to-follow tutorial video for anyone who is interested in making one for themselves. The building has a base of oakwood, and its interior contains storage spaces, a bedroom, narrow passageways, and a furnace area, among other important features.

18. Tower House 

This tower house is small and compact. The best parts of building it are the features and layout that it comes with. You can start off with practicing this easy tower house before going on to more complex designs. Although the interior doesn’t have large spaces, it contains everything you need for survival. There’s a storage space, kitchen, bedroom, roof area, windows with beautiful views, and secure surroundings that would put your mind at ease.

19. Starter House

If you are on the lookout for an easy starter house to build, then this one listed should be at the top of your list. The building comes with the basic items needed for survival, but the Youtuber who brought up this design takes it a step further by including a small farm located inside the house. Even though the house is not in a wide space, its interior is constructed so that no part of the house looks cramped or uninviting. This starter house includes a crafting room, bedroom, hanging vegetation, storage area, flowering plants, fences, and lanterns around specific spots of the house. All these things add up to make this starter house a great asset.

20. Modern Cliff House 

This modern cliff house is made majorly of white concrete, and although it is compact in size when compared to other modern houses, the features make it a great build to have. Aside from being very aesthetically pleasing, this cliff house also has a swimming pool on its roof. There’s also a lounge area by the pool with red and white carpets that mimic umbrellas; the house’s interior is just as exquisite. It has a dining area, bedroom, beautifully designed kitchen, an interior staircase that leads to the roof, lanterns, oak leaves that serve as natural vegetation, and many more. If this sounds like a small house that you have been looking for, follow the instructions in the tutorial video by Random Steve Guy and start crafting your dream house.