What Does Depth Strider Do in Minecraft?

Well, to get things started, what is a depth strider? What does it do?  If those were the question at the back of your mind, then you came to the right place. In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about the depth strider enchantment and by the end, you should know everything you need about it.

So, first things first, the depth strider is a boot enchantment on Minecraft that helps player movement through the water.

Avid players will have noticed that movement through water is substantially slower than that on land and this enchantment aims to help players with that.

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Like most enchantments on Minecraft, depth strider has three levels that consistently improve the user’s experience with each level. Each level speeds up the user through water by about 33%.

By level 3, the enchantment allows players to move through water as easily as they do on land. The enchantment also helps the player by reducing the speed at which flowing water pushes them when they stand still.

Users will also discover that an armor stand enchanted with depth strider also moves slower than one bit enchanted when pushed by water.

At level 3, depth strider combined with a speed potion will have the same effect on a swimming user as it does on a walking one; if a user has the Dolphin’s Grace status effect, they will be able to move through water at high speeds.


While being a typically overlooked enchantment on Minecraft, depth strider is a fantastic addition to the game. This enchantment can drastically reduce the travel time through water and can help speed up gameplay.

This enchantment really shines for users who are going up against Guardians or Elder Guardians in sea temples. It also helps in traveling long distances through water or collecting blocks from the sea floor.

Depth strider however only affects horizontal movement through the water, with the enchantment having no effect on vertical speed.

Typically, depth strider can only be applied to boots. However, users can apply the enchantment to other types of armor using commands. In the Java edition of the game, users can apply depth strider to horse armor in creative mode and works as described above when worn by a horse.


There it is, a quick run down on the depth strider enchantment on Minecraft. This fantastic yet underrated enchantment can vastly help how you travel and interact with the Minecraft world around you. Users are advised to seek this enchantment out for their final overpowered service of armor for best results.

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