What Does a Smithing Table Do in Minecraft?

One of the most unique crafting stations available to players on Minecraft is the smithing table. Don’t know what it is? Well, you have come to the right place to change that. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

So, in a nutshell, a smithing table is used to help players assign the toolsmith profession to a villager without an assigned profession. It can also be assigned to one whose profession has not been locked. Toolsmiths are particularly useful, as they have the ability to turn mined items into emeralds; they can also provide players with enchanted diamond axes, pickaxes and shovels.

A smithing table also has a second function in Minecraft; upgrading gear from diamond to netherite.  The smithing table is also a necessity for players who want to upgrade a tool to the netherite level, the highest tier in the game.

How to get a smithing table

To get a smithing table, you will need to forge one yourself using :

– Two iron ingots

– Four wooden planks

After you have collected the ingredients needed, you will have to follow the steps below to get a crafting table:

1- Gather two pieces of iron ore and smelt them into ingots.

2- Pick up any type of wooden plank.

3- Head to the crafting table.

4- Place the two iron ingots at the top next to each other.

5- Place the four wooden planks below them in a 2X2 square.

6- Craft and get your smithing table.

How to use a smithing table

As earlier mentioned, the smithing table has two uses: assigning the toolsmith profession to villagers and making netherite. In this section, we will see how we can do both tasks with our smithing table.

Toolsmith allocation

To allocate the toolsmith job to a villager on Minecraft with your smithing table, you will have to follow the steps below:

1- Place a smithing table near an unassigned villager or one whose profession has not been locked.

2- Assign the toolsmith profession to them.

3- Break the villager’s current job site block and replace it with a smithing table.

After following these steps, the villager selected will flash green particles and will convert their profession. Remember to make sure the villager in question has a bed nearby before attempting to change their profession as many villagers will only seek out professions if they have claimed a bed.

Crafting netherite

To craft diamond gear into netherite with the smithing table, you will need to:

1- Gather ancient debris from the nether, you can find it between layers 8 and 22. They are however commonly found on layer 15.

2- Smelt ancient debris into netherite scraps.

3- Smelt four netherite scraps with four gold ingots to get a netherite ingot.

4- Take the diamond gear you hope to upgrade into netherite to a smithing table.

5- Right click on the smithing table to open the UI.

6- Place the diamond tool or piece of armour in the left slot.

7- Place the netherite ingot in the right slot.

The tool or piece of armour will retain all enchantments but will offer more defense and unique knockback resistance.


The smithing table is a unique and helpful crafting station that can help any Minecraft player in their gaming experience. While the smithing table can only be used to craft only one type of item and is the only crafting station with that limitation, the upgrade is worth the effort of getting one due to the fact that the tools on the smithing table are unobtainable in the game.

Well, that’s all from us here today and we hope this article was helpful; if it was, don’t forget to share and leave a comment, take care.