What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?

Sheep account for one of the passive Minecraft mobs players will occasionally find wandering around their survival world. In fact, sheep can spawn almost anywhere in Minecraft provided the area has grass blocks and sunlight. The notable exceptions are the snowy tundras and wooded badland plateaus during world generation.

Just like in the real world, Sheep are very useful creatures and can provide players with wool, meat, and XP after they are killed. Sheep are particularly important at the start of the game, with players needing wool to craft a bed.

Feeding sheep in Minecraft

The Sheep in Minecraft are actually unable to eat any grass that is not growing out of the ground;  This means players cannot feed them grass. However, players can feed sheep wheat instead. This initiates the breeding process in sheep.

Eating grass

Sheep in Minecraft do not need to eat to live, while fenced-in sheep will occasionally eat grass in their coral, they will not die or despawn without it. However, while they do not require grass to live, sheared Sheep will not grow back their wool and baby sheep will not grow to adulthood without eating grass.

Fortunately, grass will regrow on patches of dirt when the sun is out with ease and all a player needs to do is fence their sheep in and they will get what they need.

Eating wheat

While sheep in Minecraft do not need to eat to live, they seem to enjoy eating wheat. If a player holds some wheat, they will notice that sheep will walk towards them, offering an easy way to lead sheep into farms where they can be fenced in.

Players can then Right-click on a sheep while holding wheat in hand to make the sheep eat it. Shortly After feeding wheat to sheep, players will observe hearts appear around the sheep to indicate that it is ready to mate. Feeding another sheep wheat as well will result in both sheep mating to create a baby sheep.

This makes feeding sheep wheat a great way to farm for food, wool, and XP with the player needing just two adult sheep and some wheat to get started.

To obtain wheat, players can either start a farm or head to a village to find a farm where they can get wheat. If a player wishes to start their own farm, however, all they need is a hoe, water, and some seeds.

Players simply need to dig some dirt around a water source till the plowed earth turns dark, after this they can add seeds to the dirt; Players can get seeds by breaking tall grass.


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