Pillager Outpost in Minecraft

How nice it is to be in a village while playing Minecraft! It is truly a fantastic experience. It all feels so real and full of opportunity. You can make a lot of exchanges and new acquaintances. But we must always be careful! In fact, as happens in the real world, the dangers are … around the corner! In fact, you must know that not far from the villages, you will always find a pillager outpost!

The pillager outposts are very dangerous places inhabited by ruthless pillagers and very rich in resources, with a decidedly not easy temper. In fact it is better not to have to deal with it. However, it is easy to find yourself in a pillager outpost almost without realizing it. So you have to be prepared and know everything about these evil pillagers!

In this guide I want to give you all the information you need. In this way, at the appropriate time you will be prepared for what lies ahead and the chances of survival will certainly be better than those who do not know anything about it. You will see, I am sure this information will be very useful to you and you will thank me. I hope so. Here’s everything you need to know about pillagers:


You can find a pillager outpost in any biome! In fact they are structures that develop naturally at a distance of about 300 blocks from any village! You can easily recognize a pillager outpost by the presence of characteristic structures like these that you see below:


The Watchtower is the main structure of the pillager outpost and is spread over 4 floors. It is decorated on the side with the banners of the pillagers.

On the top floor, however, you will find a chest containing various resources.


In the vicinity of Watchtowe you can sometimes find other smaller structures; frequently it is a cage with an Iron Golem trapped inside:


The Pillager Outpost as you can imagine is protected by pillagers! These are violent mobs and enemies that will attack you once you enter the outpost!


Pillagers are recognizable because armed with a crossbow and arrows with which they will attack you from a distance! Be very careful!

The Pillager with a banner on his head is the Outpost Leader, the boss of this outpost of evildoers!

If you kill the Leader you will be cursed with a new status effect called Bad Omen.


When you enter a village under the Bad Omen effect you will be severely attacked by hostile mobs in special actions called raids!

You will notice the start of a Raid when a progress bar appears on the screen and a group of looters, raiders, avengers, summoners and witches will spawn and rush on you! The progress bar helps you figure out how many hostile mobs are still left to kill! Good luck!