How To Use a Name Tag in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How To Use a Name Tag in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

When you play Minecraft, you gradually become attached to everything: from buildings built or conquered to animals. You may have become attached to the point of calling one of your mobs by a specific name, which however does not appear on the screen, nor to the other players, whether they are your friends or foes. So you wonder if there is a way to name creatures, such as mobs.

The answer in this case too is yes. In fact, the creators of the Minecraft game have thought of this too. There is a specific tool designed for this purpose: the name tag. In this guide he showed you how to use it correctly. In a few simple steps you too will be able to successfully use the name tag on your mobs and finally everyone will know what the true identity of the mob you have chosen to name is. What are you waiting for? It is very easy. Let’s start.

Required Materials to use a Name Tag in Minecraft:

Image Name Quantity
Name Tag 1
Anvil 1

Using a Name Tag is very simple: carefully follow the instructions you find in the steps below and you won’t have any problems.

1. Place an anvil on the ground

Once you have added the name tag to your inventory, first place the anvil in front of you by clicking the right mouse button in the exact place you want it to be placed. You will see the anvil appear in front of you.

2. Use the envil command bar

Now position the cursor on the anvil and click again with the right mouse button. You will see the anvil repair grid appear which looks like the window you see in the photo:

3. Enter the name text

Now, starting from the inventory, place the name tag in the first square of the bar on the right. Then click on the X to delete NAME TAG and enter the text of the name you want to give to the tag by typing it in the empty bar at the top of the Anvil “Repair & Name” grid. In this way you will get a personal tag with the name you want to use.

4. Collect the name tag

Now you just need to collect the created name tag and drag it to your inventory to be able to use it. Easy right?

5. Put the name tag on your mob

You are now in the final step. You need to make your mob wear the name tag. First rotate the mouse wheel until you select the name tag you have collected. Then right click on your mob. And there you have it! When you look at the mob, it will be called with the name you typed in the name tag. Really great, child’s play!

[All screenshots are taken from Dreamtastix YouTube Channel]