How to Trade with a Villager in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Trade with a Villager in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Playing in Minecraft you will surely find some very nice villages. Sometimes you will already find inhabitants with their career and their specific specialization. However in creative mode you can create them through an egg and have them set in a desert village, so that over time they will learn a trade and can be useful to you. There are various types of workers as happens in the real world: ranging from Farmer to Fisherman, you can also find Shepherds, Fletchers, Librarians, Clerics, Armorers, Weapon or Tool Smiths, Butchers and Leatherworkers. With each of them you can do great deals! In this guide I will explain you materially how to trade with them in a few simple steps! In fact, it is very important to be able to exchange what you have in exchange for what you don’t have but need! This is especially the case if you are in survival mode.

It is therefore a fundamental skill that can really make a difference in survival in the world of Minecraft! It will be very useful to you on various occasions. What are we waiting for then? Let’s get started right away!

Different types of Villagers:

Color Clothes Clothes Profession
Brown Robe Farmer
White Robe Librarian
Purple Robe Cleric
Black Apron Armorer
Weapon Smith
Tool Smith
White Apron Butcher
Green Robe NitWit

Trading with a Villager Is so simple! Follow these steps:

  1. Find a Type of Villager

First, go to a village next to you and go in search of a villager. Each villager does a different job depending on his experience. The more trades you make with a villager, the more Minecraft will unlock different types of trades. Remember that each villager charges different prices even for the same type of trade.

  1. Trade with the Villager

To trade with a villager use one of these commands depending on which version of Minecraft you are using:

  • Java Edition: right-click on the villager
  • Pocket Edition: move the pointer over the villager & press the Swap button.
  • PS3 and PS4: press the L2 button on the controller.
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One: press the LT button on the controller.
  • Windows 10 Edition: right-click on the villager.
  • Wii U: press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • Nintendo Switch: press the ZL button on the controller.

Remember that in Education Edition is not possible to trade with a villager.

  1. Enter the commands in the appropriate window

Now a window like this will appear:

In this case we met a farmer who is able to offer us 1 emerald in exchange for 20 wheat.

If this is what you want to achieve then place 20 units of wheat in the first of the two squares on the left: an emerald unit will immediately appear in the single square on the right.

  1. Collect the item

Now finally all you have to do is take your emerald unit and store it in your inventory for when you need it! Really easy right?