How to Summon an Axolotl in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Summon an Axolotl in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Minecraft is truly a place full of fantastic creatures! There are really a lot of very nice non-hostile mobs with whom you can make friends and be able to exploit in your favor. One of them is definitely the axolotl! It is a non-hostile creature that does not respond to attacks.

An axolotl will never hurt you. It is one of the few mobs that if killed does not release any resources; however, he will give you up to three experience points. It is really nice and cute and you can find it in different colors from characteristic pink to blue, but also gray, yellow or white.

In this guide I’ll explain how to summon axolotls in a few simple steps. They are so cute when they fall in love and give birth to really cute little axolotls. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it right away. Axolotls have always won the sympathy of a large number of Minecraft players and are extremely peaceful creatures. Here are the steps to summon axolotl in Minecraft: follow them carefully and you will quickly see your preferred axolotl in front of you!

It is absolutely not easy to find such benevolent and helpless creatures as axolotls in minecraft. In their company you can feel comfortable and relax, without the stress of defending yourself from enemy attacks! And this is no small thing! To understand how they are made, look carefully at the figures, they have a shape that does not get confused with any other creature! They almost look like dolphins! You can’t go wrong! Remember that if you decide to kill them you will not collect anything: it is a choice dictated only by wanting to increase the experience points! Well then let’s get started; here’s how to summon an axolotl:

Summon an Axolotl is very simple: you can choose get it from nature in survival mode, so follow the first option. If you are in creative mode, go directly to the second option.


  1. Turn Cheats ON

First, turn cheats on using the button you see in the photo below:

  1. Open the Chat Window

Now you have to open the Chat Window using different commands depending on the version of Minecraft you are using:

  • Java Edition: press the  T key to open the chat window.
  • Pocket Edition: tap on the chat button at the top of the screen.
  • Xbox One/PS4: press the D-Pad right button  on the controller.
  • Nintendo Switch: press the right arrow button on the controller.
  • Windows 10 Edition/ Education Edition: press the T key to open the chat window.

  1. Insert the Command

To summon a black cat simply insert this command, typing on the chat window:

/summon axolotl

After that press ENTER to run the command!


You can easily Spawn an Axolotl, if you are in creative mode, using the Axolotls Spawn Eggs