How to make Redstone Dust in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make Redstone Dust in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

In Minecraft, there are simple items, materials, and those that cannot be called simple. Redstone red dust should definitely fall into the second category. Although it is not more challenging to make than other items, it is used in the intricate technologies of Minecraft. It looks like all other ores, only dots of red light on it. If you hit something on it, it will light up. It is mined from three to seven pieces from one stone.

Today we will tell you the main aspects of Redstone in Minecraft and how to get it in survival mode. If you do this in creative mode, you can find all the items in your inventory.

Step 1. How to get Redstone Dust

To make red dust (or Redstone), you need to find red ore (also Redstone). The latter mainly lies in the lower sixteen levels of Minecraft. And, sometimes, it comes across in such quantities that you need to rack your brains to find a use for it. And this, of course, is a plus. You get from four to five units of red dust when you hit a block of ore along with the destroyed rock.

With the advent of red stone in Minecraft, the opportunity for crafting complex mechanisms has opened up. Red dust is used when preparing traps or various tools. From now on, it became possible to manufacture multiple devices stuffed with electrical circuits consisting of pressure plates, buttons, wires, and levers. Logic circuits are the way to control automatic doors, TNT, and rails.

Step 2. What is red dust for?

The material is needed to make arrows, ladders, torches, tablets, fences, and signs. You can also make a handle or nozzle for various tools from them.

How to craft Redstone torch?

If the red dust is carefully collected on a stick, then something like an electric candle will turn out, which will shine, but not as brightly as a torch and will not flicker.

That red dust placed on the surface of hollow and opaque blocks can be used to craft a compass, red torch, clock, electric and pressure rails, repeater, and other mechanisms.

Red dust builds traps, various mechanisms, and conductive circuits.


It can be concluded that after the appearance of the red stone, they began to create interactive circuits and electrical mechanisms, which include buttons, levers, pressure plates, and wires. New logic circuits allow you to control rails, doors, and TNT. The red dust wires can transmit a signal for 15 blocks. However, it is possible to do all this using some logic circuits and repeaters. Now you have learned how to make red dust. Minecraft is a mind game where you can use an item to create traps and schemes. Now you have to work hard to learn how to make complex systems based on Redstone.