How to make a Stone Brick Wall in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Stone Brick Wall in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

There comes a time in every Minecraft player’s gaming experience when they decide they want a stone brick wall. At first, this might seem like a daunting task, but fear not we have you covered and with our handy guide you will be an expert mason.

What you need to Make a Stone Brick Wall

Well, to make a stone brick wall, you need stone bricks. The end. Just kidding. While all you need are stone bricks, you will have to make those yourself, to do that you will need :

  • 4 Regular Stone
  • Furnace
  • Stonecutter

How to Make Stone Bricks

Here are the steps you need to take to make stone bricks for your wall:

1) Gather cobblestones

So, to make stone bricks you will first need to gather some cobblestone. This is abundantly available to every player in the world of Minecraft and is far from a scarce resource. However, if you happen to find yourself in a new world you can make some by mining stone with a pickaxe; the process is made easier if you have a silk touch pickaxe, if you have one of these you can skip ahead to the crafting recipe.

2) Craft a furnace

After gathering enough cobblestone, you will need to craft a furnace if you don’t have one by placing eight cobblestone blocks in the crafting menu. Remember to leave the middle space open and presto, you have a furnace.

3) Smelt the cobblestones

Now that you have a furnace, place it where you like and put cobblestone in the top slop and fuel in the bottom slot. You can use any wooden item, coal, or even a bucket of lava if you have some lying around for fuel in your furnace. Regardless of your fuel choice, you can then smelt your cobblestones down to regular stone blocks.

4) How to use a stonecutter

For this recipe you will require 4 stone blocks to make 4 stone brick, so make sure you have enough at a time, if you would rather make your stone bricks one at a time, you can use a stonecutter. If you don’t have a stonecutter, simply make one with an iron ingot and 3 regular stone blocks.

When using a stonecutter, place a regular stone block in the leftmost slot of the tool’s UI and select stone bricks from the block options that pop up. This method could help you save stones if you need bricks that are less than a multiple of 4.

The command for making Stone Bricks

Alternatively, you can use commands to make stone bricks in Minecraft if all of that doesn’t appeal to you (but why wouldn’t it?).

In newer versions of the Java edition of the game (1.13+) you can use this simple command to give yourself stone bricks: /give @p stone_bricks #. Where @p is the closest player and “#” is your desired number of stone bricks.

For older versions of the Java edition of Minecraft (1.8-1.12), you will have to use a different command to give yourself bricks, namely : /give @p stonebricks #.

While similar, the differences in syntax mean you have to be careful and take note of the version of your game.

The command to give yourself stone bricks on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft and all others editions outside Java is: /give @p stonebrick #. With  @p and “#” representing the same things as they did in the Java edition commands.

Making your stone brick wall

Now that we finally have our stone bricks, it does not matter how you made them or if you used a command to get them, you have completed the hardest part of the process and can now get down to actually making your stone brick wall. To make this you can simply use one of the following options:

Placing 2 rows of 3 stone bricks on your crafting table, and viola, you will have 6 stone brick walls.

You can alternatively use your stonecutter as well, this step can be used if you only need one stone brick wall instead of 6.

Remember to Place 6 stone bricks in the 3×3 crafting grid to create a stone brick wall.

Please endeavor to follow the above instructions to the letter when constructing a stone brick wall, making sure to place three stone bricks in the first row and in the second row, there should be three stone bricks.

While you can use your stone bricks to make your stone brick walls as has been demonstrated in this article, there are a host of uses for the commodity. Players can use stone bricks in the game to craft many other things outside walls, some of which include:

1) Stairs

You can make stairs using your stone bricks by either adding 6 stone bricks to your crafting table to make 4 stairs, adding 1 to the top row, 2 to the next, and 3 to the bottom row, or adding a stone brick to the stonecutter and making one stair at a time to save bricks and time.

You can also make slabs by adding 3 stone bricks in a row to your crafting table, this will give you 6 stone brick slabs or adding a stone brick to your stonecutter’s UI to make one slab at a time.

2) Variations of stone bricks

You can add vines to your stone bricks to give you missy stone bricks which can be used to make walls, slabs, and stairs as well. Also, try smelting your stone bricks in your furnace to make cracked stone bricks, although these won’t be able to be used for any real applications like the mossy or regular stone bricks.

3) Chiseled stone bricks

Finally, you can change the design of the stone bricks by crafting chiseled stone bricks. To make these, you will need to start with 2 stone brick slabs, you will then place these in a 2X1 column in your crafting menu to make chiseled stone bricks.


And that’s it guys, by following the steps above you can build your very own stone brick wall yourself as well as a few other applications for the stone brick. The stone brick is a versatile and useful part of the Minecraft playing experience and while the wall is a striking and beautiful way to personalize and beautify your property in the game the brick provides many other uses as well.