How To Make a Shield in Minecraft

This tutorial explains How to make a Shield in Minecraft, how to get the necessary resources, decorate your Shield and make a Banner.

Shield is a defensive tool that protects the player from attacks. Materials to create a Shield are easy to get and can be obtained at the beginning of playing. You can decorate the Shield with unique patterns, as well as give it different enchantments, but only through an Anvil.

What you need to craft a Shield

– Crafting Table

– 6 wooden planks (any type)

– Iron Ingot

Craft a Shield

1. Get 6 planks (any type)

2. Get an Iron Ingot

3. Open your Crafting Table

4. Place the Iron Ingot in the top-middle slot. Fill the middle row with 3 planks, place a plank in the middle of the bottom row and another 2 planks in the top corners of your Crafting Table.

5. Move the Shield to your inventory.

6. Your Shield is done!

How to get resources to make a Shield

To make a Shield (including the Crafting Table) you need 10 wooden planks (any type) and Iron Ore. To get 10 planks, you need to cut down 3 wood logs (1 log = 4 planks). To do this:

1. Find any wood.

2. Punch it until you get 3 wood logs.

When you have obtained 3 logs, create planks from them.

3. Open your inventory (use “e” on your keyboard).

4. Place 3 wood logs in any “Crafting” slot.

5. Move the 12 planks to your inventory.

Now you have the necessary number of planks to craft a Shield.

How to find Iron Ore and make an Iron Ingot

Iron Ore is one of the most common ores in Minecraft, that is not difficult to find. You can just dig under yourself until you find the ore or you can use another way.

It is much faster and better to find the cave. If you found a cave you also found Iron Ore because this ore appears in the cave with a huge probability.

1. Find Iron Ore

2. Get some Iron Ore with your Stone Pickaxe (one unit of ore is enough).

3. Place the ore in the Furnace and don’t forget to add coal or wood as fuel.

4. Wait until the ore is melted into an ingot.

5. Move the Iron Ingot to your inventory.

How to find an Iron Ingot in a village

Iron Ingot can also be found in the chests if you find a village on your way. Chests spawn only in village houses.

Here’s how to locate an Iron Ingot in a village:

1. Locate a village.

2. Find a house with a chest.

3. Search for an Iron Ingot in the Chest (mouse right-click on the chest).

4. Move the Iron Ingot to your inventory.

5. Close the Chest interface (use the “Esc” on your keyboard).

How to decorate a Shield in Minecraft

You can customize the shield by decorating it with unique banner patterns. This requires a Shield and a Banner.

Important: this tutorial is only for Minecraft Java Edition 1.9+. Shield customization is not available in other versions of Minecraft.

Here’s how to decorate your Shield:

1. Open the Crafting Table.

2. Place the Shield and Banner in the slots next to each other.

3. Move the custom Shield to your inventory.

4. The custom Shield is ready to use!

How to make a Banner in Minecraft

If you don’t have a custom Banner you can’t decorate your Shield. To make a custom Banner you first need to make a Banner. This is very easy, you’ll need a stick and 6 units of wool. Also a Loom to customize the Banner.

Here’s how to make a custom Banner:

1. Open your Crafting Table.

2. Fill the top and middle row with 6 units of wool and place the Stick in the middle of the bottom row.

Important: The wool must be the same color.

3. Move the Banner to your inventory.

4. Open your Loom.

5. Place the Banner in the Banner slot. In the slot next to it, place any dye. Choose a pattern from the list.

6. Move the custom Banner to your inventory.

Quick Tip: if you want, you can put another pattern on the same Banner. Just add it to the Loom again and select the pattern you like.

How to enchant a Shield in Minecraft

The Shield in Minecraft can be enchanted as well as other tools and weapons, but it can only be done through the Anvil. Enchantment is needed to increase certain properties of an item. Let’s see how to do this and what is needed to do it.

Here is what you need to enchant the Shield:

– Shield

– Anvil

– Enchanted Book

How to Enchant the Shield

1. Open the Anvil.

2. Place the Shield in the first slot of the Anvil.

3. Place the Enchanted Book in the other Anvil slot.

4. Move the Enchanted Shield to your inventory.

5. The Enchanted Shield is ready to use!

How to make an Anvil

An Anvil is a block that allows you to rename, repair and enchant items (with Enchanted Books). It is crafts only with Iron.

Here’s what you need to craft an Anvil:

– 3 Blocks of Iron

– 4 Iron Ingots

Here’s how to craft an Anvil:

1. Open your Crafting Table.

2. Fill the top row with 3 Blocks of Iron.

3. Fill the bottom row with 3 Iron Ingots.

4. Place an Iron Ingot in Crafting Table’s middle slot.

5. Move the Anvil to your inventory.

6. The Anvil is ready to use!

How to make 3 Blocks of Iron

1. Open your Crafting Table.

2. Fill all Crafting Table’s slots with 27 Iron Ingots (3 Iron Ingots in each slot).

3. Move 3 Blocks of Iron to your inventory.

How to get an Enchanted Book in Minecraft

To create an Enchanted Book, place the Book in the Enchanting Table. Choose the enchantment you like.

The Enchanted Book can also be obtained from the Chest in various structures, when trading with villagers, caught while fishing, dropped from a Vindicator or Pillager and bartered with Piglin.