How to make a Saddle in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Saddle in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

How cool would it be to be able to ride a horse in Minecraft? It is not true? If only I could have a saddle available! Or is it possible? Well, you guessed it! Everything is possible in Minecraft! In fact, in this guide I will help you to get a wonderful saddle able to let you ride your wonderful horse. Great, right? Having a horse at your disposal, with which to quickly explore the world of Minecraft, with all its immense territory in a flash is in fact something really great! So what are you waiting for? Learn how to get yourself a saddle right away and start riding. Following this guide, I’ll show you how to do it in a few steps. It really is very simple and there are several ways to get there. Any player is able to do it, and if you strictly follow my directions you will succeed too! So let’s not waste time and start right away!

Required Materials to create a saddle in Minecraft:

Emeralds X 6
Leather X 3
String X 2
Iron Ingots X 2

1.Find a saddle in the Minecraft world

In standard mode in Minecraft the saddle is one of those objects that cannot be crafted. So if you don’t feel like downloading a special mod, which I will talk about anyway in the rest of this guide, then a very simple and quick solution is to find a saddle directly in the world, going in search of it. If you want to find a saddle for your horse you have excellent possibilities by looking in the trunks found in the Nether fortress or in the trunks present in the jungle temples, in the desert temples or in the temples of the city of the End or finally in those present in the villages of PNGs. This way you don’t have to do anything else and just collect the saddle in your inventory. Then all you have to do is make your horse wear it by holding down the SHIFT key and the right mouse button. This will open the horse’s inventory panel. It will then be enough for you to place the saddle in the top left square to wear it on the horse’s back and press esc, after which you will be immediately able to ride your horse! Simple right?

2.Exchanging emeralds with a leathermaker

Another very good option to get yourself a saddle is to trade with NPCs who perform the leather profession! Yes you got it right! In Minecraft you can directly “buy” your saddle from a leathermaker, but in exchange you will have to give him emeralds. In particular, if you find a leathermaker, you just need to make a series of trades with him in order to increase the level of trade and reach the maximum level of “master”. At this point you can ask him to make a saddle in exchange for six emeralds. And here, even in this way, you will be able to reach the goal! Why don’t you start doing business with the leather worker? You will not regret it you will see!

3.Use “Recipes & More” MOD (Java Version)

If you don’t feel like following the steps I described above but you still want to ride your horse and you like to play around with your computer and you are also playing with Minecraft Java Version then the best solution is to download a mod “. As you know, in fact, Minecraft Java supports a whole series of wonderful “mods” that is additional packages that allow you to expand the possibilities of the game simply by downloading them and placing them in a specific file folder. To make the mods work you will need, before downloading them, to equip yourself with Minecraft Forge, which supports the operation of all mods. To download Minecraft Forge, just go to the Minecraft Forge website and download the version compatible with your Minecraft. After downloading, double click on the file to open it and click on ok in the window that will appear. Once this is done go to curseforge.org and download the “Recipes and More” mod. You will see a .jar file appear in your downloads folder. This file is the mod you will need to use to create the saddle. So now all you have to do is insert it into the Minecraft “mods” folder. To find it easily type “% appdata%” in the file search bar of your computer and then on “.minecraft”. Once this is done, start minecraft from the special launcher in the Forge version and here the game will start supporting the saddle creation function. Once the game has started, place a workbench on the ground and insert three units of leather, two units of string and two iron ingots. As if by magic you will see a magnificent saddle appear with which to ride your horse. Not bad right?

OPTION 5: Use “Horse Tweaks” MOD (Java Version)

Another beautiful mod that you can use in the Java version of Minecraft is Horse Tweaks which allows you to create saddles with which you will not just ride the animal, but which also guarantee additional effects of enhancement of the mount. In fact, by installing Horse Tweaks you can make the horse gallop on the water, make it swim, make it go through dense vegetation or make it immune from damage due to falls. You understand well that with this mod the advantages are infinite and you will surely have an edge in the game of minecraft, not to mention the emotions it will be able to give you! You can download and install it following the same procedure I described for option 4. The procedure is exactly the same. Just download the file in jar format and manually insert it in the mods folder. Then start the game in Forge mode from the special launcher and use the workbench to get the desired saddle, but enhanced with the possibilities I have described to you.

[All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel]