How to make a Potion of Weakness In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Potion of Weakness In Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Brewing a potion of weakness in Minecraft is not one of the simplest operations but not a very difficult thing either. With a little practice thanks to this guide you will be able to prepare it independently and without effort and you will enjoy it! The potion of weakness in Minecraft is mainly used in combat and we know that in Minecraft in survival mode, things always get worse. It is a world full of dangers and enemies from which we must defend ourselves otherwise we will die! So having a potion of weakness in your hands with which to stun your enemies will be an important element that can make the difference between life and death! With the potion of weakness you will be able to face very difficult fights and move forward by conquering territory.

The potion of weakness is one more weapon and we know that weapons are never really enough. So what are you waiting for? Learn to make it yourself and you will have great success in the struggle for life. You must know that the potion of weakness to be brewed requires first of all a brewing station. There are several steps required, so read the guide carefully and perform them one by one scrupulously if you want everything to work properly. You will not really regret it, indeed you will thank me!

Required Materials to create a potion of weakness in Minecraft:

Brewing Station X 1
Ampoule X 1
Workbench X 1
Crushed Stone X 3
Blaze Rod just enough
Blaze Powder just enough
Glass X 3
Water just enough
Fermented Spider Eye X 1
Spider’s eye X 1
Brown mushroom X 1
Sugar X 1
Redstone powder X 1

1.Easily get a Brewing Station

First, in order to get the potion of weakness, you need a brewing station. If you are in survival mode, it will only take you a few steps to get it! Place a workbench and open it. Inside the grid that appears, insert three blocks of crushed stone horizontally and a blaze rod. And here you will get the much desired brewing station. As you can see, the blaze rods really serve a lot! I therefore advise you to be careful when you meet the Blazes and try to get as many blaze rods from them as you can. These mobs in fact once you manage to kill them and they will die, they will drop their rod and you will take it! Be careful because you find these mobs mainly in the Nether, so if you find yourself there try to raid these rods.

Remember that you will have to run the brewing station on a fuel! In this case you will need to equip yourself with Blaze powder, because other types of fuel such as wood or coal, etc. are not valid. Getting the Blaze powder is very easy if you have a lot of Blaze rods available. In fact, you just need to place a rod inside the crafting grid, which is equivalent to two units of blaze dust. For this reason Blaze rods are really very useful and valuable.

2.Making the ampoules

Of course, you will need to prepare to safely store the very precious potion you are going to prepare. For this purpose you will have to equip yourself with as many ampoules as you need depending on the volume of potion you are going to make. After all, if you are in survival mode this is not a big problem! In fact, you just need to insert three units of glass inside the grid of the workbench and here you will have your beautiful cruet where you can pour the potion of weakness. However, this method is valid for the construction of any other ampoule in which to store any other type of potion!

3.Fill the ampoules with water

Now you will necessarily have to fill the ampoules with water. To do this there are not many steps to follow; in fact, you just need to hold the ampoule obtained in the previous step and right-click on any source of water. And here, as if by magic, you will have filled the cruet with water! Simple right?

4.Get a fermented spider eye

To brew the potion of weakness you will also necessarily need a fermented spider eye. To get it, first place a workbench on the ground. Now insert a spider’s eye, a brown mushroom and a sugar unit into the work grid. Remember that spiders drop their eyes when you kill them or die. So don’t forget to collect them!

5.Use the brewing station

Now, once you have followed all the previous steps you will need to get ready to use the brewing station. First then place the brewing station on the ground and open it by right clicking on it. A grid will appear. In it then go to insert the blaze powder in the appropriate space of the fuel. Then insert the water bottles in the squares at the bottom. Remember that you can insert up to three ampoules of water at a time. Now insert the fermented spider’s eye into the ingredient space. You will see that the brewing station will begin brewing the magnificent potion of weakness in a matter of moments! Remember that each potion of weakness has its own specific duration. This is a very important aspect when it comes to fighting, because time can be on your side but also on the enemy’s side. So pay attention to this not secondary aspect, since you have worked so hard to get this important weapon! The potions of weakness as just distilled in the way I have illustrated have a duration of one minute and thirty seconds.

If you want them to last longer there is not much effort to do. In fact, just leave the potions of weakness in the brewing station and insert a unit of redstone powder in the space of the ingredients. With this method you will obtain potions of weakness that can last a full four minutes each! Not bad right?

[All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel]