How to Make a Potion of Harming in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Make a Potion of Harming in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

There are many potions available to players of Minecraft with a variety of uses and one of the most popular is the Potion of Harming. While the potion’s uses are pretty self-explanatory, given its name, we are not here to discuss its applications but rather how you can brew this nifty potion yourself. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Ingredients for Potion of Harming in Minecraft

To brew a potion of harming in Minecraft you’re going to need a few things to get the job done, namely:

Water Bottles 3
Glistering Melon 1
Blaze Powder 1
Nether Wart 1
Fermented Spider Eye 1
Brewing Stand 1

Making a Potion of Harming

Making the potion of harming might seem daunting, but fear not for we have you covered. Follow these simple steps and we will have you making your own potion like a pro in no time. So, without further ado, here are the steps:

1) Get some sand

Dig up some sand and put it on your furnace to make the glass you need for your water bottles.

2) Get some melons

You can simply grow these yourself with melon seeds you find in a dungeon, abandoned mine shaft, or buy from wandering traders. You can also head down to savannah village and get some melons there. Next, break your melon down into slices.

3) Get some Gold

You will need this to make a gold ingot, which will be used to transform your melon slice into a glistening melon. To get gold, head down to the mines and search below “Y” level 31 to find some.

Gather some gold ore from the mine and place it in your furnace to smelt into gold ingots. Note: You will need a pickaxe to mine gold ore. While your gold is smelted into ingots, you can move on to the next step.

4) Get sugar cane

Gather the materials you need to make a fermented spider eye, first of which will be some sugarcane.

You can get Sugarcane by growing it in sand or dirt, harvesting some near riverbanks or next to any water source. Make sure you save some sugarcane to grow on your own if you find some, that always comes in handy.

4) Get a brown mushroom

After your sand and gold have been cooked and your sugarcane has been harvested, your next task will be finding a brown mushroom. The brown mushroom can easily be found in dark oak forests, swamp biomes, dark caves, and the nether; so head to any of these locations to pick some up.

5) Get spider eye

To craft the fermented spider eye, you will need to get over your fears and wait until nightfall to find and hunt down some spiders. You will likely need to kill multiple spiders to find the spider eye, but keep killing them till you get what you need. Place the items in storage when you are done and head for the nether to get the next items you need.

6) Get blazes

Build a nether portal and start tracking your fortress; here you will find and acquire the blaze rods, blaze powder, and nether wart. Once you locate a fortress, search for blazes or a blaze spawner and collect the items.

You will have to kill some blaze enemies to get a few blaze rods. After picking up the blaze rods, travel around your fortress until you find a room with red fungus and a staircase. The red fungus is a nether wart.

Head back to the surface after harvesting some nether wart. With that, you now have every ingredient required to make your very own potion of harming.

How to brew the Potion of Harming

You can then start by assembling a brewing stand by combining three pieces of cobblestone and a blaze rod on a crafting table.

1) Craft glass bottles

Remember the glass from your sand earlier? Well, gather that and turn it into glass bottles by placing them in a “V” shape in the crafting menu of a crafting table. While here, make some sugar from some of your sugarcane by placing the sugarcane in your crafting menu.

Right-click on any water source with your glass bottles to fill them up with water.

2) Craft a glistering melon

Next, you will have to craft a glistering melon. To do this, first, place a gold ingot in your crafting menu to make gold nuggets. Then surround a melon slice with the gold nuggets.

3) Craft fermented spider eye

Finally, to make the fermented spider eye you will need to place a spider eye, sugar, and brown mushroom anywhere in the crafting menu and presto, you have made a fermented spider eye.

4) Brew potion of harming

Source: Stingray Productions

Now you will have to place your brewing stand and then right-click on its stand to open it. You will then have to fill the bottom three slots with your water bottles, then put in some blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel the brewing stand. To do this, turn some blaze rods into blaze powder for your brewing stand.

You will have to brew some awkward potions first before you can make potions of harming. To do this, place a nether wart in the ingredient slot and let it cook. Your water bottles will then turn into awkward potions, and you can then place your glistering melon into the ingredient slot and proceed to brew the potion.

Finally, you place a fermented spider eye into the ingredient slot to convert the potions into your potions of harming.


It isn’t advisable to drink the potion of harming yourself. If you want to use it against enemies, you can turn it into a splash potion. All you need to do is hold the potion and throw it at the target. Keep in mind that the potion of harming will harm other players, but it does the opposite for zombies. It heals them instead, so be careful with how you use them.