How to make a Mossy Cobblestone in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Mossy Cobblestone in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

This is a variant of Cobblestone with a greenish texture. Mossy Cobblestone can be found in treasuries or jungle temples. And, if you found it and need it, then mine it with a pickaxe, since when using another tool or hand, the block does not drop out. This moss-covered Cobblestone is required when building a player wants to “age” their building or depict ruins. Of course, the immense creativity in Minecraft is not limited to this. Mossy Cobblestone can be crafted and crafted into a Mossy Cobblestone Wall. It is important to understand that our article is focused on finding a crafting stone for survival in Minecraft. If you’re using the creative mode, it’s very easy to find all the resources in your inventory.

Step 1: Requirement Materials

Name Image Number
Cobblestone 1
Vine 1

Step 2. How to get a cobblestone.

The first step is to cut the pickaxe and start mining cobblestone. This is easy to do by digging at least 4 blocks under you or finding a mine where you can get Cobblestone.

Step 3. How to get a vine.

It is straightforward, and even a beginner can handle it. It is impossible to get a vine with your hands to plant.

Step 4. Craft Shears

To extract the vine, we need to craft Shears. For shears, we need only two pieces of iron ore. We go to the mine and break iron ore. Then we prepare a furnace, and with the help of coal, we process iron into ingots. Craft Shears is shown in the photo below. It’s effortless.

Step 4. Extraction of the vine.

We can find the vine in the jungle or in other places. They are almost everywhere.

Cut the vine with scissors.

Step 5. Craft Mossy Cobblestone

When we already have vines and Cobblestone, there is minimal left. We put a cobblestone and a vine on the crafting table. You can bet as much as you want to get the number of blocks you want.


We have successfully crafted a vine. Now we can use it in any decoration, or make a wall out of it.