How to Make a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Make a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

The heart of the ocean is a very fascinating thing that can do a lot of interesting features. Today we will tell you how to find the heart of the ocean and use it to the maximum. Our guide will devote you to the Minecraft game world as much as possible, how to find, activate and use the heart of the ocean. It is important to understand that our article is focused on finding the heart of the sea for Survival Mode in Minecraft. If you’re using the creative mode, it’s very easy to find all the resources in your inventory.

Functions of the heart of the sea

Do not rush to rejoice if you make the heart of the sea. To activate it, you need 8 more items. When activated, the conduits grant the Naval Power effect to all players in contact with water or rain in a 32 to 96-block radius sphere. This effect stops the breath bar, increases underwater mining speed, and improves underwater vision.

How to make the heart of the sea?

Step 1: Finding the heart of the sea

Regrettably, the original edition of Minecraft does not support creating a heart of the sea. Finding the heart of the sea or creating it with the console command are the two options (if you are interested in the latter method, it is described in more detail below).

When using the first approach, each treasure that is discovered after using a treasure map might be considered to contain the heart of the sea. There is always one heart of the sea within the discovered casket containing the wealth.

Step 2. Nautilus Shell

The best way to find the Nautilus Shell is to fish with a fishing rod. We craft a fishing rod, improve it for the luck of the ocean and catch it. Soon you will be lucky and find all the missing elements.

Step 3. Craft a fishing rod

For crafting, we only need 3 sticks and 2 cobwebs. We can get sticks from wood, and for the cobweb, we should kill the spider.

To craft a book of luck, you need to go through many more stages. But you can also fish without enchantment, only it is important to do it in the ocean.

How to activate the heart of the sea in the game?

The nature of the sea in Minecraft cannot be activated in any of the usual ways. Because to use this item, you need to create a sea guide. And for this, you need to get 8 units of Nautilus Shell and 1 unit of the heart of the sea. And this applies to any version of the game where the heart of the ocean has been added. The crafting recipe itself looks like this:

The alternative way how to get to the heart of the sea in Minecraft

The simplest way to obtain the center of the sea in Minecraft is through the developing mode. Use a specific command to have the heart of the sea appear in the character’s inventory, in other words. To do this, you must first make sure that cheating is permitted in the world you have chosen. If everything is set up correctly in the game, you may go on to the next phase.

You must already register the appropriate command – «/give@pminecraft:heart_of_the_sea».

After that, you can press the “Enter” key so that the item appears in the inventory.


It turned out that finding and activating the heart of the ocean is not so difficult, but it can take some time.