How to make a Dispenser in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Dispenser in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

It is pretty difficult to start playing Minecraft if you are a beginner without any support. For this, we want to tell you how to make a dispenser in Minecraft. When you craft this, the Dispenser can fire projectiles, place certain blocks, and do a lot more to take some of the tasks off you.

What is a Minecraft dispenser, and how to make it? Is a dispenser designed to throw away or distribute items in its inventory? The inventory of the distributor, as well as the machine, has 9 free cages in which subjects are put. The distributor discards any of these items at random.

Required items to make a Dispenser in Minecraft

Cobblestone 7
Bow 1
Red Stone 1

 Step 1. How to get Cobble Stone

Just find any stone block. This block you can find everywhere. We take a pickaxe and mine. Сheers, we have a stone.

Step 2. How to make a bow

Making a bow in Minecraft is very easy, even for a beginner. This is not only a great weapon against mobs but also a significant part of the Dispenser. All we need is three sticks and three cobwebs. Sticks are easily obtained from wood.

Then, we kill the spider, and a web should fall out of it. For your safety, do this with a sword and daylight so that the mob is not very aggressive.

Step 3. How to get a Red Dust

Here the situation is a little more complicated than an ordinary stone block. You must dig at least 16 blocks down to get a red stone. We advise you to dig Redstone with an iron pickaxe. There is always a lot of this ore spawning, which drops about 4-5 units from one block.

Step 4. Dispenser Crafting

That’s practically all. Now we place the items as shown in the screenshot, and that’s it! We have successfully crafted a dispenser.

Now we will tell you how best to use it.

You can also find two distributors in the temples in the jungle if you suddenly do not want to make them yourself.

How to turn on the Dispenser?

Like all other mechanisms, this block needs some kind of activator. Our guide provides all possible dispenser activators.

  • Red Restone torch, or Redstone blocks.

  • Powered Redstone Dust

  • Lever, stretch

Why use a distributor?

  1. You can make a refrigerator out of it – it will give out one unit of food directly to the inventory.
  2. You can make a closet out of it and fold up frequently used items such as fuel or a torch.
  3. You can make the distributor a solid line of defense or a trap by filling it with arrows, snowballs, and fireballs and raising the pressure plate or stretcher.
  4. You can also make an original trap from the distributor, pouring lava or water on the mobs and then sucking it back.
  5. With the help of the distributor, you can get chickens by scattering eggs. In survival cards, you can summon mobs when a player approaches, filling them with gathered eggs and setting a pressure plate or stretcher.
  6. The distributor can automatically install transport, so you can use it to create automatic stations and ports.


Now we have learned how to craft a dispenser in Minecraft. Your mechanical tasks will become much easier with it. Be extremely careful not to make weapons with Despenser that can harm you.