How to Make A Compass in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Make A Compass in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

When playing Minecraft it can happen quite easily to go a long way! The world is huge and the adventures that can be experienced are endless: you can set out to explore, fight, collect resources or be attracted to a beautiful distant and deserted island. As it will certainly have happened to you, it is very easy to get lost and no longer know how to orient yourself. Even in this case, however, Minecraft comes to our rescue to make us find the right path! The tool that was designed for this purpose is the compass. In fact, with the compass you can find the spawn point in which you were dropped at the beginning of the game in the world creation phase. Fantastic isn’t it? Its operation is quite simple: as with real world compasses, you will see the compass indicated in the hotbar with a small arrow pointing towards the spawn point. Just follow it patiently and you will find your way back!

After all, it is absurd not to have one with you at hand. The materials necessary for the creation of him are very few and very simple to find as well as the crafting of him is equally simple. In this guide I show you how to make it in a few simple steps. Follow it carefully and it will be very useful to you, I’m sure you will thank me! So let’s not wait any longer and let’s get to work immediately to create our compass right away. Here’s how you get a compass:

Required Materials to create a Compass:

Image Name Quantity
Iron Ingots 4
Redstone Dust 1

Creating a Compass is very simple: you can choose get it from nature in survival mode, so follow the first option. If you are in creative mode, go directly to the second option.


  1. Open the workbench grid

First, lay a workbench along the ground and right-click on it. A crafting grid similar to the one you see in the photo will open for you:

All you have to do is place the different materials inside the grid squares in the right order.

  1. Place the materials in the fabrication grid

Now you have to insert the necessary materials in the right order that I indicate: First place the redstone dust in the center square of the crafting grid. Then insert four iron ingots respectively in the central squares at the top, bottom, right and left! Follow this figure exactly:

In this way you will see a Compass appear in the small square on the right! Isn’t it fantastic?

  1. Collect the item

Now you just have to click on the Compass and drag it to your inventory so you can use it when you need it. Really easy!


You can easily find a Compass, if you are in creative mode, in the “Tools” section