How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Bookshelf in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

The Bookshelf is a decorative block needed to enhance enchanting with an Enchanting Table. Only with the help of Bookshelves can an item be enchanted to the highest possible level. It can also be used to craft a Lectern.

Well, let me show and tell you all about Bookshelves Step-by-Step!

Required materials

– Crafting Table

– 6 wooden planks (any type)

– 3 Books

Crafting Table

Crafting Table is the easiest block to craft in Minecraft!

It takes 4 wooden planks of any type. To get 4 planks you need only 1 log.

First you have to make planks from a log:

– open the inventory (default is “e”);

– place the log in any “Crafting” slot;

– move 4 planks to your inventory.

Now you can start creating a Crafting Table:

– open the inventory;

– fill all “Crafting” slots with 4 planks;

– move the Crafting Table to your inventory.

Great, now you have a Crafting Table!

6 wooden planks (any type)

As you may have already noticed, you need logs for the planks. To get 6 wooden planks you need 2 logs (1 log = 4 planks).

So, open your inventory and place 2 logs in “Crafting”, you will get 8 wooden planks.

Okay, we have the planks!

3 Books

To craft a Book, you need more resources and get them a little bit more difficult, but it is more than realistic. But it’s worth it, because the creation of Bookshelves, and then the Enchanting Table is an integral Minecraft part of the successful survival and walkthrough.

Required materials:

– 9 units of Paper;

– 3 units of Leather.


To create 9 pieces of Paper you need 9 units of Sugar Cane. Sugar Cane is pretty easy to find. It always grows near water, only on a Grass Block or Sand. It is usually 1-4 blocks high, bright green in color, you can easily spot it from afar.

So when you’ve found enough Sugar Cane, you can make Paper.

– open the Crafting Table interface;

– fill the middle row of “Crafting” with 9 units of Sugar Cane (3 units in each slot);

– move 9 pieces of Paper to your inventory


To get 3 units of Leather you have to kill 3-5 cows. To make it easier and faster, it is better to make a sword. It is simple to make and requires few resources:

– a Stick;

– 2 planks (any kind).

How to craft a Wooden Sword:

– open the Crafting Table interface;

– place the Stick in the bottom-middle slot in the “Crafting”;

– place the plank in the middle slot and another plank in the top-middle slot;

– move the Wooden Sword to your inventory

The sword is ready, so you can look for the Cows.

When you’ve found enough Cows and gotten 3 units of Leather, you can start making Books.

How to craft 3 Books:

– open the Crafting Table interface (mouse right-click on it);

– place 3 units of Leather in the bottom-middle slot;

– place 3 units of Paper in the bottom-left slot, 3 units in the middle slot and 3 units in the left-middle slot;

– move 3 Books to your inventory

How to craft a Bookshelf

When we have all the necessary resources, we can start the Bookshelf creation.

Crafting a Bookshelf:

– open the Crafting Table interface;

– fill the Crafting Table’s top row with 3 planks;

– fill the Crafting Table’s bottom row with 3 planks;

– fill the Crafting Table’s middle row with 3 books;

– move the Bookshelf to your inventory

How to find a Bookshelf

You need 15 Bookshelves if you want to make your maximum level equipment, which means you need a lot of Sugar Cane and Leather to make all the Books you need.

So it makes sense to look for Bookshelves as you walk around the world of Minecraft.

Here’s where you can find Bookshelves:

– village houses;

– village libraries;

– strongholds.

Quick Tip: if you break the Bookshelf in the usual way, only the Books will drop out. To craft the Bookshelf again you will have to add your own planks. You must have a Silk Touch enchantment on your pickaxe to make the Bookshelf drop out unbroken.

Here’s how to find Bookshelves:

1. Locate a village.

2. Find Bookshelves in village houses.

3. Mine the Bookshelves.

How to trade for Bookshelves

There are villages in Minecraft populated with villagers who will trade with the player. Each villager offers different things to trade. It depends on the villager’s profession. For example, a librarian will trade Bookshelves.

If the village you found does not have a librarian, craft a Lectern and place it in a house where there isn’t an occupation block. The villager without a profession will see the Lectern and immediately turn into a librarian.

Here’s how to trade for Bookshelves:

1. Locate a village.

2. Find a librarian villager.

3. Trade with the villager.

How to use a Bookshelf

Enchanting Table

The Enchanting Table is a magic table with a flying book that allows you to put impressive (and not so impressive) effects on your armor, tools, books, weapons, and other certain items. Of course it’s not for free, you have to pay with your experience points.

But how does this relate to Bookshelves? The answer is quite simple!

To enchant your sword (for example) at the highest possible level, that is 30, you need to place 15 Bookshelves around the Enchanting Table.


A Lectern is a block used to hold Books for multiple players to read.

To craft a Lectern, you need:

– 4 any wooden Slabs

– Bookshelf

Here’s how to craft a Lectern:

– open the Crafting Table’s interface;

– fill the top row with 3 wooden slabs;

– place the other wooden slab in the bottom-middle slot;

– place the Bookshelf in the middle slot;

– move the Lectern to your inventory