How to make a Book in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to make a Book in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

During your game experience in Minecraft you will sooner or later feel the need to equip yourself with a book. Yes, books are the most useful and instructive even in the world of Minecraft. With books you can upgrade your items but also take valuable notes on the things you learn, on your new discoveries, alliances and next steps you have decided to take to conquer your place in the Minecraft world! Also, one of the coolest things you can do is use books to transfer spells to certain objects.

Through this feature you are able to upgrade many tools, not to mention weapons. You understand well that this is a great advantage, in a world like that of Minecraft where the dangers are many, there are many ambushes around the corner and the cunning is never too much. Books are really a great tool that will help you increase your chances of survival even in survival mode and the process that leads to their creation is something you must know how to do if you want to be able to play in a fun way, taking full advantage of all the possibilities offered from the platform. You don’t have to worry, it’s not a difficult operation at all. By reading this guide you will be able to create a book really in no time and it will seem like a breeze! Here I explain how to do it in a few simple steps:

Required Materials to create a book in Minecraft:

Sugar Cane X 3
Paper X 3
Leather X 1
Feather X 1
Ink pouch X 1
Workbench X 1
Diamond X 2
Obsidian X 4
Spell Table X 1

1.Paper making

The first thing you will need to create a book is paper. To make paper, the steps are very few and elementary. First you need to get some sugar cane units. This is really very simple material to find in Minecraft, because the banks of rivers and ponds are full of it. Once you have recovered them, simply place a workbench on the ground and insert three units of sugar cane. And in this way you will immediately get the paper you want so much to make your book. Pick it up and put it in your trunk!

2.Get yourself a leather unit

The second step in creating a book is to get a leather unit. To do this you have to defeat a donkey, a mule, a horse, some cows or a llama. As you can see it is not a complex operation, since there are so many of these animals, especially cows! Also keep in mind that you don’t need a lot of leather, just one unit is enough for each book you want to create. Very easy.

3.Use the workbench

Once you have the necessary materials in your trunk, you are almost done. First place a workbench on the ground. Once you right click, the crafting grid will open. Inside the squares, place three paper units and one leather unit. This will instantly bring you a great book. Isn’t that wonderful? With it you can start doing several things. With three books, for example, you can start building a

library. If you want you can also make a book with a pen. All you have to do is always use the workbench and insert the newly created book into the manufacturing grid, together with a feather, which you can detach from a few hens and a bag of ink, which you can easily obtain by killing squid. Now that you have all these tools you just have to start having fun maybe starting to write … why not? In fact, with the book equipped with a pen this is possible. I assure you it is beautiful. In fact, you just have to collect the book you just created and right-click to open it.

A beautiful screen will appear where you can enter the text you want and complete it with a lot of signature. The signature is needed if you want to lock the book to prevent someone from editing it in the future. You will also be asked to give the book a title. If, on the other hand, you want to be able to change the content of the text in the future, then click on done. This way you can rewrite all the text you want. Below you will find an arrow. This is a very important element because it allows you to change the page. What more could you ask for? What are you waiting for, put yourself to the test now.

Specific Creation Procedure For A Book Of Spells

One of the things that surely make Minecraft so fascinating is the ability to apply spells to objects to enhance them. This can be very necessary, for example for weapons, but also for commonly used tools. The book in this case is an essential tool because it allows you to transfer the spell that you will insert inside, into the objects you want. After all, the procedure is simpler than you can imagine and the advantages are innumerable. Once you’ve learned how to make books, why shouldn’t you take advantage of it? So now I’ll explain how to do it. First get a spell table. To do this, place the workbench on the ground. All you have to do is insert a book, two units of diamond and four units of obsidian into the crafting grid. And here is the spell table will be ready. Now that you have the spell table at your disposal, all you have to do is place the book inside it. On the right of the screen you will see information that allows you to select the levels of enhancement, with the random attribution of a bonus. Remember that if you place bookshelves in the immediate vicinity of the table, the bonus awarded will be higher. Try it too!

[All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel]