How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Bees in Minecraft are an incredibly important part of the virtual ecosystem. In particular, they can create useful products, such as Honeycomb, which are an integral part of many items. Finding Bee Honeycomb can be a rather difficult and potentially dangerous process if the player is not sufficiently prepared.

1. Find the Bee Nest

Important: don’t forget your Shears!

It only takes two Iron Ingots to make Shears. Place one Iron Ingot in your Crafting Table’s left-middle slot, and the other Ingot in the top-middle slot.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to gather Honeycomb.

Bee Nests are quite rare and spawn only in a few biomes with oaks and birches. The probability of its appearing is expressed by the following percentages:

Plains – 5%
Flower forest – 2%
Any other kind of forest – 0.2%

Quick Tip: turn up the volume so you can hear the bees buzzing better and try to move on trees (if it’s possible), so it will be easier to spot flying bees.

2. Harvest the Honeycomb

When you got lucky and found your first Bee Nest, make sure that it is already filled with Honey. Just check the holes! You have to see the oozing out Honey.

Important: the Bees won’t be happy of your plans, so place the campfire or light a fire below the Nest before using Shears, or you risk being attacked by angry Bees.

If everything is alright, use (mouse right-click) your Shears on the Bee Nest. You will get 3 units of Honeycomb. Congrats!

Also, instead of Shears you can gather Honey with a Glass Bottle.

To craft a Glass Bottle you will need 3 Glasses. Place 2 Glasses in Crafting Table’s top corners, and the last Glass in the middle slot. You will get 3 Glass Bottles.

To gather Honey with Glass Bottle, use it (mouse right-click) on a Bee Nest.
You will get a Honey Bottle that restores three bars of hunger and also cures poison if you are affected.

Also, you can make a Honey Block from the Honey Bottles. All you need is 4 Honey Bottles. Place them in your Crafting Table in a 2×2 square.

The Honey Block is sticky, so you can’t run or jump when standing on it. On the other hand, you can climb down a Honey Block as on a Ladder.

When the crop is harvested, you may see an empty Bee Nest. It will be filled again as soon as the bees collect enough pollen.

You can help them by planting some flowers near the Bee Nest.

3. How to use Honeycomb

When you already have an infinite source of Honeycomb, you can craft the following things:


For crafting Beehive you need 6 planks of any type of wood and 3 Honeycombs. Fill all the top and bottom slots with Planks and fill the middle slots with Honeycombs.

Beehive gives you the opportunity to have Bees anywhere you want.
Beehives and Bee Nests can store 
up to 3 Bees.

Important: Bees are not included with Beehives. You need to find them and lure with flowers (Bees will follow anyone holding a flower).

Honeycomb Block

By placing 4 Honeycombs anywhere on Crafting Table, a 2×2 square, you get a Honeycomb Block. It has no function, it’s just a decorative block.


A Candle is a light source that acts when a Candle is placed down.  Candles can be lit with Flint and Steel and extinguished by water or by right-clicking.

Waxed Copper

The main use of waxing copper is to prevent copper oxidization. This is useful for players who might want to make builds strictly out of copper blocks and who would like it not to oxidize.

To craft a Waxed Block of Copper, you need to combine a Block of Copper and a Honeycomb.

4. How to breed Minecraft Bees
How to breed Bees? Good question… Well, the answer is very simple! Just like all other animals – by feeding! You can use any flower. All you have to do is:

  1. Find two Adult Bees.
  2. Take two flowers of any kind.
  3. Feed each one a flower (mouse right-click).

You will see the Bees get close to each other and the hearts appear around them. This means that the process is started! In a few seconds a small Bee will appear.

4. Congratulate the Bees on the addition to the family!

Important: there is a 5 or so minutes cooldown before you can breed Bees again.

So, you have seen the Baby Bee was appeared. It will take about 2 full in-game days for it to grow into an Adult Bee. After that it can breed with other Bees. To speed up the Bee’s growth, you need to feed it with flowers.

Quick Tip: don’t forget to place another Beehive nearby so that the Baby Bee can settle there (if you already have 3 Bees in your current Beehive). Otherwise, it will fly to the nearest Bee Nest.

5. How to use Bees efficiently

Honey is certainly good, but there is another very useful side of beekeeping. What if I told you that Bees make your crops grow faster? Yeah, just like Bone Meal.
The fact is when a Bee with pollen flies over wheat, carrots, potatoes, etc., it will pollinate them and these plants will advance to another growth stage, just like when using Bone Meal. This requires the particles that drop from a Bee touch the crop directly.
How to make Bees help your crops grow faster (Step-by-Step):

  1. If you have a large farm, you need to have several Beehives so the Bees can pollinate all your crops.
  2. Plant a large number of flowers. This is a very important step! Because the Bees need to have a constant stream of pollen.
  3. Make sure your crops are between the flowers and the Beehives. This is to get Bees fly directly over your crops and pollinate them.
  4. For maximum efficiency, build a glass (or any other) barrier that will trap the Bees with the Beehives, your crops and the flowers inside. This will limit the Bees movements and increase their productivity.