How To Build an End Portal in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How To Build an End Portal in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

Playing Minecraft is an experience that unites and fascinates. And sooner or later the time comes for every player to try their hand at the much rumored world of the End. But what exactly is the End? The End is one of the most incredible worlds in minecraft, dangerous but at the same time very resourceful. Inside you will be able to find precious objects and tools that expand your game possibilities that are not easily found elsewhere. Just think for example of the possibility of flying that you will be able to have after obtaining the Elitre, a beautiful set of wings that will give you unparalleled emotions, not to mention the strategic advantage in survival that these wings will give you. But this is only one of the countless advantages.

As I told you, however, it is a very difficult world. It is essentially for two reasons: the first is that inside you will find a frightening dragon that you will have to know how to defeat before being able to access the distant islands of the End where you can get to visit the mythical city of the End. The second is that the access portal that allows you to enter it is by no means easy to find! In fact, the End portal is often found hidden in underground fortresses scattered in the subsoil of the world of Minecraft. So you can well understand the difficulty of running into one of them. However, there is a simpler way to start taking your first steps into the End world. This practically consists in building an access portal to the End by oneself. But remember that this possibility is only granted to you in creative mode and not in survival mode.

Not bad right? And if you consider that the thing is also quite simple to do, then it is really worth a try! In this way your only thought will be how to defeat the Dragon and also by practicing in creative mode you will be ready to seize the opportunities of the End if you should find an access portal to the End in survival mode. So what are you waiting for? It is really worth a try. In this guide I will explain in a simple way how to build an End portal in a few simple and quick steps. Follow them carefully and you will experience a great emotion too, I assure you!

Required Materials to create a End Portal in Minecraft:

Portal Frame of the End X 12
Eyes of Ender X 12

1.Look for resources

As I told you, building an End portal necessarily requires you to be in creative mode. This also has a great advantage: in fact it will not take much effort to find the necessary materials, as you will just have to search for them and collect them from the library that the game makes available in creative mode. The materials needed are very few: only twelve units of the End portal frame are enough for its construction and twelve units of Ender’s eyes for its subsequent activation. If you are already in survival mode it is easy to switch to creative mode. Just enable the command console by pressing “ESC” and then “OPEN IN LAN”. Now press the “COMMANDS” item and select the “YES” option. Finally press the “START WORLD IN LAN” button. Now open the chat by typing the “T” key on the keyboard and type the following command: / gamemode creative. Finally click on ENTER and you will have passed as if by magic in creative mode!

However, I understand that in this way you could lose enthusiasm in the game, as even the difficulty of finding resources in Minecraft represents a pleasant challenge to accept. So I suggest that if you want to go in search of building materials you can do the same! For example, if you want to get yourself Ender’s eyes, which are necessary for activating the portal, just go in search of the wonderful Ender Pearls and Blaze’s Dust. To get the Ender Pearls, you have three different options: kill an Enderman, go to a village and look for an NPC to exchange it with for emeralds, or steal it from one of the chests found in the forest mansions or underground fortresses. For the Blaze Dust instead, as I think you know, just kill the Blaze you find in the Nether. Upon their death they will give you a rod that can be transformed into Blaze powder suitable for our purpose. With these two materials you just need to lay a workbench on the ground and craft Ender’s many coveted eyes! Isn’t it fantastic?

2.Build the portal

Now we are! We have all the materials needed to build the End Portal. So carefully follow the instructions I will give you now. First go to a square of flat ground of at least 25 blocks and position yourself in the center. Now place three End frame units on each side, leaving each corner of the square of terrain in which you are centrally positioned empty. Remember: each frame block must face the center!

3.Activate the portal

Now that you have correctly positioned each frame unit of the End we need to activate the End portal to make it work perfectly. To do this, follow me carefully. Take the Ender eye units one at a time and place them on each frame unit by right clicking on them. Once you have finished this operation for each unit of the chassis, a dark colored area will appear inside it, similar to a starry sky. This is the signal that you have performed the operation successfully and the portal has been activated! In the end it is something very simple compared to all the opportunities that can give you to be part of an End portal. So now the only thing left to do is take courage and jump into the portal! I assure you that it will be a unique experience that you will not be able to forget.


One last thing, but not least !!! Once you have entered the End (in creative mode) you can exit it by building another portal as you just did. If, on the other hand, you are in survival mode, to get out of it you will first have to defeat the dragon! So be careful before entering it.

[All screenshots are taken from “Dreamtastix” YouTube Channel]