How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

If you often just raid villages and think that the villagers are not useful and do harm, you are wrong. The villagers are of great benefit and cannot harm you.

When looking for a place to build a house, you can often stumble upon the houses of the villagers. You can take most of the resources and food from them, as well as bargain with them in the hope of getting cool resources.

So, it is not necessary to consider that the inhabitants are useless. Therefore, we want to tell you how to breed villagers in Minecraft in order to benefit and resource for yourself. Without further hemming and hawing, let’s figure out how to breed villagers in Minecraft with simplicity.

Step 1.

In the first condition, you should find two villagers, at least it is obvious that you will not do this with one. Don’t be prepared for the villagers to run after you, it can be quite a long process. There are some tricks to attract the villagers, you just have to push it into the place you want, but this will only cause harm and you can kill the villager. But there’s a better way.

Step 2.

If you’ve watched the lets plays for this game, experienced players simply put the boat in front of the villager, and then, according to their functions, they simply sit in it. After that, you can push the villagers anywhere. Fortunately, the logic of Minecraft allows you to push the boat on the ground.

Step 3.

After you have attracted two villagers to each other for breeding, you will need as many beds as you can, that you can make simply and give them any food. You should also throw a few potatoes on the bed, then they go to bed at night and in the morning there will be a result.

After that, the villagers will be ready to go. This is a short process that will take a couple of minutes. After that, you will be able to observe the villagers of Minecraft only a little bit in a little form.

Step 4.

You also don’t have to wait long for these villagers to grow up and start trading as well. It takes literally 15-20 minutes of your playing time for the little resident to become full-fledged.

Step 5

But still. Why are we breeding villagers? All villagers are sellers. You will be able to bargain with them and get excellent resources.

Step 6

Don’t expect the villagers to give you resources for free. You need emeralds to trade with villagers. Emerald ore is found one block at a height of 4 to 32 and is only generated in mountain biomes. It can also be found under lava or directly above it.


With the help of our guide, you can easily breed villagers in Minecraft, trade with them and get good resources. You should not be afraid of them, in our opinion, for beginners in this game, you should start building and live together with the villagers.