How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains How to Breed Pigs in Minecraft [y] with detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructed process.

One of the most fascinating and beautiful things about playing in Minecraft is the extreme variety of mobs that can be found, most of which are animals corresponding to those found in the real world. With them you can do many things: one of the most interesting and profitable activities is breeding! In fact, through the breeding activity you can really do many things. First of all it is a fundamental activity for survival, because it allows the player to obtain food and provisions to increase their strength.

Furthermore, killing mobs as you know always also involves a reward in terms of points. There are so many animals that you can decide to breed, the choice is vast and you just have to understand which ones you need the most or you simply like them the most! Always remember to first set up an appropriate fence for the number of animals you want to breed and then get started!

One of the simplest animals to manage, harmless and profitable is certainly the pig. With the pigs you will be able to slowly make giant steps! In fact, from pigs you can get both raw and cooked meat, acquire experience points, ride them (why not?) And even transform them into terrible zomblified piglins! You understand well that there are so many opportunities and it is really a shame not to exploit them to the full! Just think about how many experience points you can get by eliminating the pigs you no longer need, also always gaining new and useful resources!

They are one of the funniest and most beautiful things to do, because as happens in the real world you will be able to see small and tender pigs born from the union of two adults and this is something truly extraordinary! In this guide I will show you how to breed pigs in a simple and intuitive way and in a few steps; in a short time you will see your farm expand and you will have a lot of food. In addition, in every self-respecting stable there is always a pig! So what are we waiting for? Let’s see immediately what are the basic steps to breed pigs! Here they are:

Required Materials to Breed Pigs:

Image Name Quantity
Carrots 2
Pigs 2

Breeding Pigs is very simple & funny: follow these steps!

1. Find two Pigs

Find two pigs and place them inside a fence as you see in this photo:

2. Feed the pigs

Now feed the pigs with carrots. Work on one pig at a time. At the end you will see many red hearts appear and your pigs will be in love mode!

3. Waiting

Now you just have to wait and nature will do its part. In fact, while you give carrots to the pigs, you will see the birth of another little pig which will then grow up like its parents and will love you if you feed it! So lovely!