29 Cool Things to Build In Minecraft & Fun Things to Do In Minecraft

Minecraft is a huge videogame and there are a lot of fun things to do in Minecraft. There are adventures to be had, enemies to be fought and things to build in Minecraft. If you’ve been playing this game for a long while, you may want to try out something new. Or if you are a new player and looking for some guidance, this list of fun things to do in Minecraft will be great for you too.

However, there comes a time when you wonder, “what to do in Minecraft?” For those times, this is a list that will help you get new ideas and have even more fun in your favorite videogame. Of course, if you’ve been playing this game since launch, you’ve probably done almost everything there is to do in the game. But, sometimes we overlook a few features or experiences and never try them out. This article is going to be a fun way of introducing you to some weird and fun experiences. Most of the things we’re going to tell are going to revolve around you doing something awesome on your own.

Cool Things to Build In Minecraft

There are a large number of things to build in Minecraft and most of them are only bound by your creativity. So here are some fun things to do in Minecraft as well as things to build in the game.

1. Make a Study Room

Make a cozy and warm study room in the game. Make some cool bookshelves, a neat desk and even some seats. Make sure you have some lights in your study as well. It would look amazing and you’d have a ton of fun reading imaginary books inside it. However, if you want bonus points, try to make a whole library in Minecraft. Use large shelves and place them as they’d be in an actual library. There should be long rows of tables with lamps on them as well.

2. Make a Bonfire Area

A bonfire sounds amazing, especially if you love going to actual ones in real life. If you’ve been to a bonfire, you probably know how fun it can be. Now you can have your own bonfire in Minecraft without all those critters and mosquitoes biting you. You can add in burning Netherrack, some burning wood and some loose pieces of coal to make the bonfire look authentic. Lay some chairs and benches and your bonfire area is ready to be opened.

3. Build a Resort

If you have a base set up, move away from it further and make a resort there. Make it as exotic as you want. If there is someplace you want to visit in real life, model the resort after that. You can add in pools, restaurants, TVs, and anything that would make you visit the place more often. A resort is a good way to relax and enjoy your time in the game further from your main base. Better yet, add in all these places to your main base as well so you’re always on vacation.

4. Make Your Own Mount Rushmore

If you’re not familiar with Mount Rushmore, it’s a historical American landmark with the faces of presidents carved on a mountain. Now, it would be okay if you re-created it as it is but you should add your own touch to it. Carve your own face or some of your friends into a mountain and make your very own Mount Rushmore. Better yet, carve faces of your pets, if you have four, into the mountain for an even better result. Is will be a fun landmark to visit whenever you are in Minecraft.

5. Complete an Unfinished Project

Everyone has several unfinished projects in the game. The stuff they started doing but got distracted and went on to do other stuff. The projects that got neglected simply because you didn’t have time or had better things to do. Now, select one of the unfinished projects and make it complete. Whether it was the castle you always wanted to build or a solar farm, just stick to it until it is finished.

6. Make a Farm

Make a nice looking farm area in your base. You can even add a windmill or a watermill to make it more authentic as well. Have a tiny little ranch with a few animals enclosed in a fence there. You can add villagers that are dedicated farmers and even name them after famous farming companies. Mr. Pedigree? Yes, please.

7. Make Something Weird

The thing about Minecraft is that it allows you to do whatever you want in the game. So if you want to make something realistic, sure, you can do that with ease. You can even look at some Google photos for reference and make your own historical landmarks. However, the fun starts when you start adding your personal touches. So in that spirit, why not make something totally weird and odd. Make a disco zombie in a forest, or a giant skeleton in the middle of the desert, or a huge fire ring. You can do whatever you want in this game and the weirder it is, the better it will be.

8. Make a Video Game Stage

If you play other games, there are many iconic stages from them. It would be amazing if you could explore the Hyrule castle in Minecraft or the Lab from Half Life. You could even make a stage from Super Mario in the game and enjoy jumping around. I personally made a stage from Call of Duty in Minecraft and had a lot of fun making it as authentic as I could. Some elements were lacking in my map but I tried my best and had a ton of fun, which is all that matters.

9. Build a Dragon

Just make a huge looking Dragon in the game. It could be any color you want and even have glowing eyes if you are a bit creative with the torch placement. I definitely love to have a huge green colored Dragon with red eyes just randomly placed on the map. You could even place it in a town and do some destruction as if the Dragon is responsible. Huge Dragon terrorizing the town simply frozen in time would look amazing anywhere.

10. Make a Castle

We always wanted to make a Castle in real life but we were not Kings. Thankfully, we can now make a Castle in the game and do it in style. You can make a huge castle or a small one, it all depends on your personal tastes and free time. I, for one, would want a large castle shaped like the one found in Super Mario. I would even place a kidnapped Princess inside the castle for me to save. The castle will require a lot of your time and depending on the size it may even take days to complete. But, at the end of the day, it will look amazing and you will have a huge castle of your own. You can even make a fully loaded dungeon in the castle as well if you are feeling a little evil.

11. Make a Skyscraper

Making a skyscraper is very time-consuming, both in real life and in videogames. So make sure you plan accordingly and even draw out your perfect skyscraper beforehand. It can be as tall as you want and have multiple floors with different things on them. However, I’d suggest that you don’t make it take up a large area because a high building will need a lot more time. So a slim skyscraper is what I would recommend for your first try. You can always come back and make it wider later on. Make sure you place a romantic dinner table right on the top of the skyscraper.

12. Build Tree Houses

Build multiple treehouses in a forest. Make sure they are a bit closer to each other so you can build rope bridges connecting all of them. This would look like a village that exclusively lives on treehouses. You can even decorate the surroundings with different items if you want. Furnish the houses with some beds and chairs as well so they look lived in. You can plot your own trees and then build treehouses on them if you want, right next to your base. The more treehouses the better and the rope bridges will look amazing if there are multiple treehouses.

13. Make an Observatory

Look around to find the highest place in your base. Found it? Good, now make a huge tower on it. Now you can make a cool looking Observatory room on the top of it with glass walls and even a glass floor. This would look amazing when it’s finished and would give you a great vantage point. Going up there whenever you want would be an advantage and you can actually enjoy the whole wide looking game world.

14. Build Atlantis

This one is my personal favorite, find a body of water and make sure it is not that deep. I know I know, Atlantis is supposed to be at the bottom of the ocean but we want our Atlantis to be seen from the surface. Now start making buildings inside the water and make sure you place a lot of lights around so your Atlantis can be seen from outside. Now you can pretend to be Aquaman and rule the whole underwater kingdom.

15. Build Tunnels

You see, everyone builds bridges across rivers and ravines. But that is all boring stuff, what we’re going to do is dig underwater tunnels. That’s right, you are actually going to dig underneath the rivers and make a passageway. While this is going to be a long and hard task, it will look pretty awesome once it is completed. This will be a revolutionary new way of traversing across a river, and that too in style.

16. Build a Statue Museum

Make massive statues of the things you love. They could be anything you want as long as they can fit inside a big building. Personally I’d make statues of game characters. From the Doom Guy to Fortnite buff cat, I’d make literally anything to be placed inside my statue Museum. You can even make animals and fantastic creatures for your statue Museum. You can even have abstract art displayed inside your Museum, which would not only fascinate but also confuse visitors.

17. Make a Huge Chest Room

It would be just a large hall with many chests placed inside. You can either use it as your actual storage room or simply as a good looking place to hang out. You can even place some chairs and tables for you to examine loot you’ve collected over your adventures. It can even act as a bank for fellow travelers who just want to store their precious luggage in your huge chest room.

18. Do a Fireworks Show

Craft a ton of fireworks and make them go off at night at the same time. This will be your very own personal fireworks show.

19. Blow a Large Number of Explosives

Simply stack a ton of explosives on each other and blow them off. This will be one of those scenes from the action movies where you can walk away from an explosion without looking at it.

20. Make a Horse Ranch

Capture and tame multiple horses and then lure them into a fenced area. Now you have a proper horse ranch that you can visit whenever you want and ride your favorite horse. This is also a great way to make new horse babies without much trouble.


Cool Things to Do in Minecraft

Here are a couple of things that you should definitely try out in Minecraft.

1. Play Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a mode where your task is to kill everyone else on the map. The goal is to be the last person standing and win. It is one of the most exciting modes in Minecraft and you’d love to play around in it with your friends. The thrill of the hunt is amazing here, especially if you have the upper hand on your opponents. Overall it’s a great mode to enjoy and if you haven’t played it, you should give it a go because it is super fun.

2. Make Your Own House in the Game

You know what would be a super cool thing to do in Minecraft? Making your own house and showing it to your friends and family. Yes, it can be a bit challenging but that’s the whole point of this list. If you think you can build anything, why not try building your own place in the game and exploring it. You can even have your friends over for dinner in your own house in the game which is hilarious to say the least. Also, if you ever wanted to destroy your brother’s room, this is the best way to do it and get away with it.

3. Make a TNT Tower

Explosions are awesome. You know what would be even more awesome? The whole tower of explosives that go on at the same time. Fair warning though, if you’re playing on a low-end smartphone, this may end up crashing your game. But, it is one of the best spectacles in Minecraft. All you need to do is get a ton of TNT, stack up, and blow it. This is going to be one huge explosion.

4. Collect Diamonds

Go on an adventure and start collecting diamonds. Diamonds not only look beautiful but are really sturdy as well. But that’s not all though, you have to make a small house with the diamonds. It is going to take a lot of time but the house will look really amazing when it’s done. The shiny house will be the symbol of your hard work and adventures. Not only it will look awesome but also amaze anyone who comes near it.

5. Make a Huge Bridge

Make 2 different bases and then connect them with a huge bridge. The suspended bridge is going to be the main path between the two of your bases. Bonus points if you can find two mountain peaks close enough to make bases and then make a bridge between them really high. Now you can put tracks on the bridge and ride mine carts between them for fun.

6. A Giant Snow Globe

For this task you’re going to need a couple of things. The first one is going to be a huge glass snow globe. Then you’ll need to build a house inside it. We’re not done yet, you’re going to bring a few villagers inside as well. Now you have a giant snow globe without the snow and it looks amazing. While it may take a little while, the end result is well worth your troubles.

7. Make an Oasis

An Oasis can be epic in a desert. Find an isolated place in the desert where nothing is around for miles. Then start adding a few tropical trees, a small lake and some bushes. You can even make a hammock suspended between two trees in your oasis. This is going to look amazing once it’s finished and provide a refreshing time to wary travelers.

8. Do a Fireworks Show

Craft a ton of fireworks and schedule a show every night. Make them all go off quickly to have a fireworks show. Do it in a desert so every firework that goes off can easily be seen by everyone.

9. Troll Your Friends

Trolling can be fun if you do it right. Make sure you troll your own friends in a funny way and not make them angry. Sure you can troll other strangers in the game too but that gets boring. If you have friends on voice chat, the trolling can be even more hilarious.


These were some fun things to do in Minecraft and we hope this list will help you have more fun in the game than ever before. We’re sure there are countless other things you can do in the game as well and we’ve probably missed all of them.

However, if you have any kind of suggestions or ideas about what to build in Minecraft or to have fun, please do share those with us. Comment your ideas in the comments so everyone can read and enjoy your suggestions as well.