Why Can’t I Install Roblox On My Phone?

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming sites that billions of users visit. It is essentially played on a computer for faster and smoother experiences. Although it is also played on a mobile phone, there have been many complaints such as lagging, getting stuck and abrupt crashes all the time.

Many problems can be your device not supporting the game, lack of space in the storage, or a bad internet connection, which can be sorted by updating the game and changing the device’s settings in the phone.

There are also chances of your Roblox account being banned. Or suspended if at all one has crossed any Roblox rules. You could get doxed if at all you don’t follow the community guidelines.

You could connect with a faster internet connection for smoother performance since this game takes up a lot of internet speed. It is important to connect with a super-fast connection.

SOURCE: MazeyAnEpikGamer [Dog Army]

You can also reboot your device, and all the background apps and glitches can be cleared.Plus, all the stored cache could be swiped clean to give you a good sharp restart.

You could try making more space on the device and clearing all unwanted apps one won’t use. When your system is overloaded with many apps and files, it causes a game like Roblox gets stuck. Roblox is known to perform better with mid-range or high-end devices.

You could contact the Roblox team if you’ve been blocked since players don’t get notified when they violate rules. Roblox simply takes them off. The team can get back to you within two business days based on your complaint.