Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List

Enter the world of lumber entrepreneurship with the Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List. Discover the value of different wood types, tools, and rare items essential for building your lumber empire. Whether you’re harvesting trees, constructing elaborate structures, or trading with fellow tycoons, use this list to assess the worth of your resources and make informed decisions to maximize profits.

Lumber Tycoon 2 is an exciting game that lets the players access the world of lumberland. The player can use wood to build dream elements. They can also sell their wood to buy various accessories and furniture as well.

Building the lumbering business and trading items are one of the key fun parts of the game. The game gives a wide range of options for the players to trade, including axes, sawmills, wiring items, and blueprints.

Value list:

Item Name Money R$
Yellow Noob Head 20k 20R$ 15R$
Red Noob Head 20k 15R$ 10R$
Blue Ball 15k 15R$ 10R$
Red Ball 20k 15R$ 10R$
Dark Pumpkin 20k 10R$ 5R$
Pumpkin 30k 15R$ 10R$
Sleigh 35k 25R$ 20R$
Spork 30k 25R$ 20R$
Numbered Cubes 30k (Rares>30k) 50R$ 40R$
Turkey 40k 25R$ 20R$
Coal 40k 10R$ 5R$
Bold and Brash 40k 30R$ 25R$
Eyeball 10k 5R$ 5R$

Axes Value List

Axe Name Money R$
Basic Hatchet 12 1R$ 1R$
Plain Axe 90 1R$ 1R$
Steel Axe 190 1R$ 1R$
Hardened Axe 550 2R$ 1R$
Silver Axe 2040 3R$ 2R$
Alpha Axe 20k 15R$ 10R$
Beta Axe 15k 10R$ 5R$
Rukiryaxe 20k 10R$ 5R$
Fire Axe 15k 10R$ 5R$
End Times Axe 20k 15R$ 10R$
Candy Cane Axe 5k 5R$ 3R$
Gold Axe N/A N/A
Stone Axe N/A N/A
Chicken Axe N/A N/A
Lumberman’s Axe N/A N/A
The Many Axe 15K 10R$ 5R$

Woods Value List

Wood Name R$
Grey Wood N/A
Elm Wood N/A
Test Wood N/A
Pink Wood N/A
Snowglow Wood N/A
Oak Wood N/A
Walnut Wood N/A
Cherry Wood N/A
Birch Wood N/A
Fir Wood N/A
Pine Wood N/A
Koa Wood N/A
Lava Wood N/A
Zombie Wood N/A
Cavecrawler Wood N/A
Gold Wood N/A
Palm Wood N/A
Spook Wood N/A
Sinister Wood N/A
Phantom Wood N/A

Are The Values Accurate?

The values of the items are true and represent the most reasonable price for buying or selling an item of Lumber Tycoon 2. It is important to consider that the traders may sell you items at lower prices sometimes. But you need to be cautious that you shouldn’t pay a higher price compared to its actual value.

The values of the items are almost accurate for most of the websites, but the values listed are always subject to change. The player will get multiple legit websites, which can be used to cross-check the values. The most common values can be considered as the

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

The game Lumber Tycoon 2 offers various categories of items for the players to trade. Some of the most valuable items belong to the axes category. Some major varieties of axes include Alpha axes, and end time axes, which have a prices of more than 20k or 15k money and almost 15R$.

Although there are items which are much higher in price like Turkey, coal, bold and brash. However, the price is a volatile factor in this game. The most valuable item in this game will also replaced by another item after new updates or events.

How To Win Trades In Lumber Tycoon 2?

Winning trade and booking profits need to move hand in hand. In order to win trade in Lumber tycoon 2, you need to understand what are specific items your inventory must have. One of the master plans is to purchase always in bulk. There are two major advantages, first you can buy bulk item at low price. Second, you can sell all the products individually that you have purchased Al price in bulk. It will skyrocket your profites and earning.

Players should be aware of the scammers in the game; these are traders who leave the game without paying you the price of your item. Always check the value of the items before making trade. It will make you aware of the current value of your desired item.

Apart from these, the player as a trader should showcase community involvement. It will give you access to potential buyers for the trade; you can also get to know about the correct approach to conduct and conclude a trading.