Toilet Tower Defense Value List – TTD Values

Step into the world of strategic defense with the Toilet Tower Defense Value List. Discover the TTD Values of towers, upgrades, and defensive tools essential for protecting your territory. Whether you’re building your defenses from scratch or fine-tuning your strategy, refer to this list to ensure you’re maximizing your defensive capabilities

Another Toilet Tower Defense Value List –

Roblox has a nature of setting trends and getting inspired by trends. If you are someone who has experienced the recent hype of the game Toilet Tower defense, then stay tuned. The toilet tower defense game is an adaptation of the famous Skibidi Toilet meme.

If you know the game, you must know the importance of “units.” Units are avatars that players deploy to protect their toilets from incoming threats. Apart from defending, a unit can be a beneficial tool for providing support, stunning adversaries, enhancing abilities, and even summoning reinforcements.

Trading items with other players is one of the crucial parts of this game. But in such a massive list of items, knowing the value of the item becomes vital for trading.

Value list:

Upgraded Titan Drill ManUpgraded Titan Drill ManN/AUnreleased10UnstableN/AN/ANoN/A
Titan Present ManTitan Present ManGodly1k5Unstable1M$1000NoAOE, Splash
Upgraded Titan CinemamanUpgraded Titan CinemamanGodly11.5k10Unstable200k$3000YesMulti, AOE, Stun
Hyper Upgraded Titan SpeakermanHyper Upgraded Titan SpeakermanExclusiveN/A10Unstable700N/AYesN/A
Saw Upgraded Titan CameramanSaw Upgraded Titan CameramanExclusiveN/A10Unstable28kN/AYesN/A
Toxic Upgraded Titan CameramanToxic Upgraded Titan CameramanExclusiveN/A0Unstable19kN/AYesN/A
Titan Drill Man Toilet Tower DefenseTitan Drill Man Toilet Tower DefenseExclusiveN/A10Unstable17kN/AYesN/A
Jetpack Mace CameramanJetpack Mace CameramanExclusive3k8Dropping25k$300YesN/A
Titan Clock ManTitan Clock ManExclusive5k10Unstable173k$2000YesType: Splash
DJ TV ManDJ TV ManExclusive70k10Overvalued2.15kN/AYesN/A
Announcer CameramanAnnouncer CameramanExclusive50010Unstable613kN/AYesN/A
DJ SpeakermanDJ SpeakermanExclusive20010Unstable1.42MN/AYesN/A
Flamethrower CameramanFlamethrower CameramanExclusive2k10Unstable96kN/AYesType: AOE
Ghost CameramanGhost CameramanExclusive4k10Unstable155kN/AYesN/A
Speaker Repair DroneSpeaker Repair DroneExclusive1.6k9Dropping186k$200YesType: Repair
Mace CameramanMace CameramanExclusive1.3k8Stable272k$200YesType: ST
Green Laser CameramanGreen Laser CameramanExclusive1.5k7Stable501k$150YesType: ST Slow
Shield CameramanShield CameramanExclusive1k9Stable533k$250YesType: ST Stun Block
Scientist TV ManScientist TV ManExclusive6009Stable717k$200YesType: Spawner
Scientist CameramanScientist CameramanExclusive5007Stable1.45M$100NoType: Money Farmer
TV WomanTV WomanExclusive3006Stable588k$150NoType: AOE
Large Scientist CameramanLarge Scientist CameramanExclusive754Stable602k$150NoType: Base Heal
Titan CameramanTitan CameramanExclusive3507.5Stable751k$750NoType: Long Range
Jetpack CameramanJetpack CameramanExclusive3007Stable854k$300NoType: ST
Camera Repair DroneCamera Repair DroneExclusive1.2k8Stable319k$300NoType: Stun Remove
Engineer CameramanEngineer CameramanExclusive28k10Rising20.8k$200NoType: ST
Speaker SpiderSpeaker SpiderExclusive303Stable11.8M$200NoType: AOE
Camera SpiderCamera SpiderExclusive755Stable5.1M$300NoType: ST
Spider TVSpider TVExclusive40k8Rising18k$400NoType: AOE
Exclusive Injured Titan CrateExclusive Injured Titan CrateExclusive20010StableN/AN/AYesN/A
Exclusive Booster CrateExclusive Booster CrateExclusive2008StableN/AN/AYesN/A
New Years 2024 CrateNew Years 2024 CrateExclusive2505StableN/AN/ANoN/A
Santa CrateSanta CrateExclusive30010StableN/AN/ANoUnit Crate
Turkey CrateTurkey CrateExclusive5008StableN/AN/ANoUnit Crate
Scary CrateScary CrateExclusive1k10StableN/AN/ANoN/A
Spider CrateSpider CrateExclusive3006StableN/AN/ANoUnit Crate
Scientist CrateScientist CrateExclusive3k9StableN/AN/ANoUnit Crate
Katana SpeakerwomanKatana SpeakerwomanMythic2.5k10Unstable58k ExistN/AYesN/A
Shotgun CameramanShotgun CameramanMythic1k10Unstable49k ExistN/AYesN/A
Large Laser CameramanLarge Laser CameramanMythic2.2k7Dropping250k Exist$450YesST
Large Firework CameramanLarge Firework CameramanMythic21k6Unstable45k Exist$400NoSplash
Sinister Titan TV ManSinister Titan TV ManMythic2.7k7Unstable649k Exist$1500NoAOE, Splash
Santa TV ManSanta TV ManMythic1002Stable8.5M Exist$200NoMoney Farmer
Chef TV ManChef TV ManMythic22k9.5Stable51k Exist$350NoMulti, Splash, Slow
Corrupted CameramanCorrupted CameramanMythic55k10Unstable8k Exist$500NoST
Glitch CameramanGlitch CameramanMythic9004Stable543k Exist$500YesST
Upgraded Titan CameramanUpgraded Titan CameramanMythic2.3k9Stable859k Exist$1500YesMulti, ST
Titan CinemamanTitan CinemamanMythic9005Stable577k Exist$2000YesAOE
Upgraded Titan SpeakermanUpgraded Titan SpeakermanMythic1k7Stable622k Exist$1000YesMulti, ST
Spear SpeakermanSpear SpeakermanLegendary2005Dropping111k ExistN/AYesN/A
Minigun CamerawomanMinigun CamerawomanLegendary2005Unstable226k Exist$150YesN/A
Dual Bat SpeakermanDual Bat SpeakermanLegendary1208Stable807k Exist$200YesST
Hunter CameramanHunter CameramanLegendary703Stable2.45M Exist$200YesST
Laser Gun CameramanLaser Gun CameramanLegendary805Stable930k Exist$250YesST
Frost DJ SpeakermanFrost DJ SpeakermanLegendary1508Stable2.4M Exist$400NoAOE
Elf CamerawomanElf CamerawomanLegendary208Stable36.9M Exist$100NoST
Large Turkey SpeakermanLarge Turkey SpeakermanLegendary6008Stable464k Exist$400NoAOE
Sinister CameramanSinister CameramanLegendary4.5k7Rising71.3k Exist$400NoST
Jetpack SpeakermanJetpack SpeakermanLegendary708Stable2.6M Exist$250YesST
Dancing SpeakerwomanDancing SpeakerwomanLegendary707Stable2.7M Exist$300YesST
Titan SpeakermanTitan SpeakermanLegendary654Stable3M Exist$500YesST
Dark SpeakermanDark SpeakermanLegendary658Stable3M Exist$150YesST
Titan TV ManTitan TV ManLegendary705Stable3M Exist$1000YesAOE
Ninja CameramanNinja CameramanLegendary707Stable3.4M Exist$200YesST
Secret AgentSecret AgentLegendary506Stable3M Exist$1000YesST
Laser Cameraman CarLaser Cameraman CarLegendary807Stable3.2M Exist$300YesST
Mech CameramanMech CameramanLegendary807.5Stable3.3M Exist$400YesMulti, Slow
Bat SpeakermanBat SpeakermanEpic25N/AStable3.5M Exist$100YesST
Reindeer SpeakermanReindeer SpeakermanEpic204Stable46M Exist$500NoAOE
Turkey CameramanTurkey CameramanEpic2509Stable2M Exist$250NoST
Rocket CameramanRocket CameramanEpic103Stable10.4M Exist$250YesSplash
Pumpkin FarmerPumpkin FarmerEpic5008Rising713k Exist$200NoMoney Farmer
Camera Attack HelicopterCamera Attack HelicopterEpic107Stable11M Exist$200YesSplash
Camera HelicopterCamera HelicopterEpic406Stable14.8M Exist$200YesSpawner
Large TV ManLarge TV ManEpic103Stable17.3M Exist$400YesAOE
Large CameramanLarge CameramanEpic104Stable14M Exist$200YesST
Surveillance CamerawomanSurveillance CamerawomanEpic103Stable13.4M Exist$200YesLong Range
Medic CameramanMedic CameramanEpic257.5Stable15.7M Exist$300YesStun Remove
Firework CameramanFirework CameramanRare102Rising32.5M Exist$100NoSplash
Turkey SpeakermanTurkey SpeakermanRare1007Stable2.5M Exist$150NoAOE
Brown Suit CameramanBrown Suit CameramanRare33Stable28M Exist$150YesST
Monster SpeakermanMonster SpeakermanRare756Stable3.14M Exist$300NoAOE
Large SpeakermanLarge SpeakermanRare22Stable58M Exist$180YesST
Speaker HelicopterSpeaker HelicopterRare22Stable57M Exist$150YesAOE
Tv ManTv ManRare22Stable56M Exist$200YesAOE
Sneaky SpeakermanSneaky SpeakermanUncommon153Stable3.1M Exist$200YesST
Scary SpeakermanScary SpeakermanUncommon254Stable3.95M Exist$200NoMulti, ST
CameramanCameramanUncommon01Stable210M Exist$200YesST
Car SpeakermanCar SpeakermanUncommon01Stable180M Exist$150YesST
CamerawomanCamerawomanBasic00Stable610M Exist$80YesST
SpeakermanSpeakermanBasic5005Stable45M Exist$100YesST

Are The Values Accurate?

Yes, the value can mostly be true and accurate but not constant. The fluidity of the values is something that makes the trading process a bit unpredictable. But a few sites can be referred to to get an idea about the average price of your items.

However, it is true that these values will assist you in starting the trade, but how to close a trade totally depends upon your negotiation skills.

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

The values of TTD items face fluctuations from various factors. Big events, meme virality, content influence, and many other factors can be responsible for deciding the price of TTD items.

There are almost 8 different categories in which we can place the items. These categories include godly, exclusive, mythical, legendary, epic, rare, uncommon, and basic.

We can say there are a few categories that always have items that are high in value. The mythical unit is considered one of the strongest units and represents items with high gem value and demand. Certain items like a corrupted cameraman and Chef TV man are some of the most valuable items.

The exclusive and godly units also potentially showcase high-value items. However, the value is a volatile element in this game.

How To Win Trades In Toilet Tower Defense?

In order to start your trading and excel in it, it is essential to increase your bandwidth first. To win trades, it is vital that you are in a good position as a trader.

  1. Increase the value of your inventory: The first tip will be to collect coins and then purchase some mythical, exclusive, and godly items. It will increase the value of your inventory, which you can use to trade better items or to get better value. Once you achieve this position, it will be a little easier for you to win trades.
  2. Check update of the item value: Once you enter the trading plaza, you must start approaching players to complete a trade. It is advisable to check the worth of the units you have. Make sure you are not selling the items at a lesser value. Gem is the current currency of TTD, so always check the gem value of the item. If you have a signed item, then the value of the item can go higher.