Survive The Killer Value List

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of survival with the Survive The Killer Value List. Determine the worth of weapons, items, and survival gear crucial for outsmarting the relentless killer. Whether you’re strategizing your escape or planning your defense, consult this list to assess the value of your resources and increase your chances of survival.

One of the popular games in Roblox, Survive The Killer is a game that has two different perspectives. As a survivor, your work is to hide your presence from the killer, save the lives of your comrades, and flee together. On the other hand, if you are the killer, your mission is to take down as many players as possible before they make their way out.

In this game, weapons are essential. Weapons have special values; through trading and purchase, a player can access the best weapons.

Value list:

Item Value
Ye Olde Slycer 0
Snowy Slycer 20
Icy Slycer 20
Sus Striped Gift 20
Sus Red Gift 20
Sus Holly Gift 20
Athame of the Lich 20
Athame of Blood 20
The Mummy 20
Pumpkin Patch 20
Snakey 20
Lucky Mural 50
Shimmerock 50
Clover Root 50
Banshee Bite 50
Pumpkin Carver 50
Perish With Liquorice 50
Heartbeat 50
Violet Pulse 50
Shimmerheart Shank 50
Darkfelt Slycer 250
Blushing Heart 250
Heartfelt Slycer 250
Wings of Corrupt Cupid 260
Dr. Devious’ Roses 260
Rattlebone’s Cutlass 260
2022 New Year 290
Santa Hat Slycer 290
Frosty Lake 350
Gingerbread Jabber 350
Gingerbread Mangler 350
Not-So Frosty 350
Inconspicuous Gift 350
Frost Armor 350
Sleigh Ride 350
Green Gummy Slycer 350
Red Gummy Slycer 350
Blue Gummy Slycer 350
Brisk Rainbow 350
Clover Field 350
Burst O’ Luck 350
Star Bound 500
Fallen Oath 500
Blackout Meson 500
Scimitar of the Evil Clown 580
Scimitar of the Happy Clown 580
Scimitar of the Screamer 580
Santa’s Slay 650
Frostbitten, Twice-Shy 650
Ugly Christmas Slycer 650
Ghostly Gasher 650
Night Stalker 650
Zombie Infection 650
Cursed Purpleheart 650
Misfortune’s Mangler 650
Luminescent Feather 650
Enchanted Forest 650
Wraith of the North 650
Jackman’s Blade 650
Firework Frenzy 650
O Christmas Tree 650
Valentine’s Canvas 850
Box of Candy 850
Rose of Anguish 850
Legionaire 900
Lazarus 900
Gunmetal 900
Friendly Spirits 1,250
Dark Fiend 1,600
Code Red 1,600
Hollow Heart 1,600
Premium Slycer 1,600
Minty Holiday Hook 1,600
Cookie Cutter 1,600
Flowery Facade 1,600
Clover Carver 2023 1,600
Charms O’Plenty 2021 1,600
The Broken Clock 1,600
The Missing Avatar 1,600
Premium Slycer 2021 1,600
Cheesy Chopper 1,600
Premium Slycer 2022 1,600
Metaverse Mangler 1,600
Sawblade’s Jigsaw 1,600
Sunlit Glass 1,600
Burlap Chainsaw 1,600
700M Slycer 1,600
800M Slycer 1,600
2nd Birthday Blade 1,600
Slyce of Pride 1,600
The Jumping Bug 1,600
Happy Circus Knife 1,600
Devious Dagger 1,600
200M Slycer 1,600
Spoon 2,500
900M Slycer 2,500
Chucky Knife 3,000
Oopsie Daisy 3,000
Mauve Engine 3,000
Galactic 3,000
300K Slycer 3,000
Aether Core 3,000
Ice Skate Stabber 3,125
Tree Light Trauma 3,125
O’Stabby’s O’Stabber 3,125
Lucia’s Golden Tune 3,125
Breath of Winter 3,125
Death’s Dance 5,000
The Final Rose 5,000
Cupid’s Nightmare 5,000
Astroid 6,000
Kurukos 6,000
Astral Tear 6,000
The Christmas Caper 6,250
Nuclover Bomb 6,250
Rainbow Cloverbeat 6,250
Skulk’s Arrowhead 6,250
Dracthar’s Arrowhead 6,250
Metal Season 7,500
Valentine Rose 8,000
Grave Robber 9,000
Toxic Lantern 9,000
Test Knife 9,500
Purple Pinstripe 9,500
Blade of the Wicked 10,000
Seamrog 10,000
Astral Trident 10,000
Christmas Tree Cutter 10,000
Rude-olph 10,000
Cupid’s Arrow 10,000
Heartbreaker 2020 10,000
Ten Million Celebration 10,000
Brutostein’s Bonesaw 11,000
The Alchemist’s Shattered Fang 11,000
Pot O’Gold 2020 12,500
Summertime Shank 12,500
Blade of the Scourge 12,500
Wings of Cupid 2023 12,500
Candy Cane 2021 12,500
Astral Scythe 15,000
Valendy Paws 15,000
Sweet Revenge 18,000
Gilded Valentine 2020 25,000
Gleaming Despair 25,000
Gleaming Hope 25,000
Bane of Misery 25,000
Bane of Desire 25,000
Gloomhammer 25,000
Clucky’s Lucky Slasher 25,000
Skadi’s Glacier Spike 25,000
Metaverse Mangler (SC) 25,000
Golden Order 30,000
Rusty Dagger 35,000
Abomidable Broadsword 37,500
Axe of the Fairy 45,000
Wings of Cupid 2022 50,000
Duilleoga Tite 60,000
Roses of Retribution 60,000
Collector’s 900M Slycer 75,000
Orion’s Ornament 80,000
Valentine Vendetta 80,000
Cold-Hearted Cupid’s Bow 90,000
Cupid’s Bow 95,000
Tua Glas 100,000
Cold Heart 100,000
Devotion 100,000
Collector’s 800M Slycer 115,000
Claiumh Glas 120,000
Fae’s Golden Lament 120,000
Empress Lillian’s Bow 125,000
Shamrock Scimitar 125,00
Fang of the Black Widow 125,000
Hallow’s End 150,000
Poltergeist Scythe 175,000
Rock Candy 180,000
Collector’s 700M Slycer 180,000
Cupid’s Heart 200,000
Collector’s 500M Slycer 310,000
Vampire Vanquisher 375,000
Frostbreath 475,000
Cold Wings of Cupid 500,000
Permafrost 650,000
Deadly Dark Scythe 650,000
Clucky’s Corruptor 700,000
Over the Rainbow 2020 1,500,000
Arachnophobia 1,900,000
Axe of the Reaper 2,750,000
Fae’s Lament 2,850,000
Blood Ruby 2,850,000
Gilded Hearts 2020 4,000,000
Wings of Cupid 2020 4,500,000
Crimson Crusader 10,000,000
Fey’s Slycer 16,000,000
Medalist Mangler 30,000,000
Galaxy 100,000,000

Are The Values Accurate?

Knives are the most powerful weapons in Survive The Killer. There are a wide range of knives in the game. Every knife has an assigned value. Knowing the accurate value is very important. To help players in the same, some websites present the actual value of all the items.

For example, STKValues and Pillar of Gaming are pretty reliable as they provide the most accurate values. You can always browse these websites on the internet before going for any weapon. Just make sure that you always double-verify the values by comparing different websites. That’s a healthy practice to avoid investing in the wrong items.

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

Although there are a lot of items in the game, not all are of the same worth. Different items have different values, and this makes the most powerful weapon stand out. Hence, all the weapons are categorized according to their power grade, rarity, and popularity. Within the trading community, the value of items may fluctuate depending on their popularity and demand.

However, there are a few items that the players always prefer. Limited Knives and Limited Killers usually top the value list. Their value can even breach the 100 million mark. Some of the most powerful and expensive items in the game are Galaxy, Medalist Mangler, Fey’s Slycer, Crimson Crusader, Blood Ruby, etc.

It is important to note that the demand for weapons does not run in a straight line and hence constantly changes. Therefore, no item can be considered as the most valuable item for an eternal time. With time, every useful item may lose its crown, and some other item will replace it, and so on.

How To Win Trades In Survive The Killer?

Winning trades in Survive The Killer will grant you better chances of excelling in the game. The player with the best trades will always end up having the most important and powerful items in his/her arsenal. However, it is not that easy to crack the best possible deal or make an everlasting purchase.

For instance, the data keeps updating as the demand and rarity changes. Hence, it is wise not to rely on a single valuable item. Today’s most valuable item may just be a common weapon tomorrow. Also, buy weapons that are more likely to work on many kinds of opponents. A versatile weapon is more useful.

Also, do not rush yourself into a trade, as decisions made in haste will lead you to adverse consequences. Research the items properly and figure out the best among them. This meticulous step will eventually bear positive results in the long run.