Sakura Stand Tier List – Sakura Stand Value list

Welcome to the Sakura Stand Tier List, where you can discover the rankings of various items, upgrades, and features within the game. Whether you’re managing your stand, strategizing your sales, or aiming for the top spot, use this tier list to assess the value and effectiveness of different elements and optimize your gameplay experience

Sakura Stand was created on Roblox as one of the most unique user-generated 3-dimensional games. Basically, the game is about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s also associated with some other anime. The gameplay technique in the game is all about basic farming and fighting simulation.

The game is smartphone-friendly, too, and provides users with a convenient bubble to play. However, the game is managed by a single developer; hence, many users face minor bug issues, update delays, etc. Just like many other games in Roblox, Sakura Stand also allows players to trade and move ahead in the game.

Tier List:


  • Emiya
  • CSM
  • Sandevistan
  • Wooden scythe
  • Item ID 047
  • Sakura Star


  • VST


  • Deku
  • Sukuna
  • Acelora
  • AR
  • MK
  • x!chara
  • Hollow x!chara


  • Geto
  • Astolfo
  • MIH
  • HOH
  • Vergil
  • Eggxeed
  • Undying Flame
  • Grace
  • Toji
  • Gojo
  • Sinuba
  • GBST
  • Spoon
  • Eggwand


  • Diary
  • x5 Bags of presents
  • Yuta
  • Sakuya
  • Itadori
  • x5 Sukuna Fingers
  • EK
  • BST
  • TA
  • C-moon
  • Holy wreath
  • Azael GER
  • Santa wt
  • Coco rt
  • Marsh WS
  • Troll vamp
  • ESTW
  • Padoru
  • SPSM
  • DSTW
  • CDP
  • Spin Candy
  • WST
  • Stop scythe
  • Anubis spook


  • Shinra
  • The World
  • Candy Cane
  • Crystal CD
  • Hamon Frost
  • MEW
  • HOF
  • Paw
  • Mochi Awk


  • Posiden
  • Gawr Gura
  • Cirno
  • Bisento
  • Reiuji
  • Headhunter
  • DOI
  • Thunder breathing
  • Fire breathing
  • Akaza
  • Killua
  • Bete noir
  • GER
  • Jotaro hat
  • Sir Nighteye

Are The Values Accurate?

Sakura Stand allows its players to actively participate in trade, making the game more diverse. In fact, the game’s trading system makes it more exciting and worthy. Basically, Sakura Stand allows all its players to choose from various styles of fighting selectively.

However, there is no doubt that only an accurate value of an item can provide a player with the utmost satisfaction. Therefore, it is quite essential to have assurance that the available values are accurate and up to date. There are around 7 value lists of Sakura Stand.

Arceus X ( is one of the trusted websites that covers almost all the items and categorizes them perfectly for the convenience of the players. The recent update on this website came on January 30, 2024. So, it is quite right to conclude that the values are just accurate. However, checking the last update date is absolutely necessary, as values get updated at regular intervals.

Wisdom is in double-checking all the websites and finding the best and most honest deal from the search. Not all the websites can provide the right data about the trading values.

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

In Sakura Stand, there is a trading value tier list. The categories are D, C, B, A, S, S+, and S++. The items are distributed among these tiers based on their rarity and price. If you want to possess the most valuable and rare items from Sakura Stand, it’s a good idea to invest in S+ and S++ tiers. The items and styles of fighting available in these tiers are quite powerful.

A few of the most valuable items in the game are CSM, Emiya, Sakura Star, VST, RGB EWU, Wooden Scythe, Sandevistan, ID 047, etc. It is important to note that according to the recent update, no player can trade CID in the game till further notice.

How To Win Trades In Sakura Stand?

There are no rigid strategies that can guarantee a win in trading. However, there are certain methods that can increase the probability of winning. If you want to have a profitable deal in Sakura Stand’s trading, you need to be aware of the game’s economy.

A player must be aware of the various in-game items, their rarity, and demand in the market, etc. Having knowledge of the same will lead you to have a better negotiation with another player. Various forum groups and social media pages can help you find the best deals in the game.

Investing in rare items will always lead to a high-profit result. On the other hand, trading for common and non-demand items will not bear any fruitful results.